Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Story of my "life"

I found out about cosplay is when I collect stuff that characters in Anime owns. I was curious and also wanted a new life. I was a boring kid, with no good grades or good social life. =P So i took my first step when i brought my first wig online. It was extremely challenging for a newbie like me. I couldnt let my mum know about this ~ If not i dont know what will she do to me. I was very happy that i can hide this from her ~ but after the 2nd parcel came, i've decided to introduce her to my new hobby =v= It was pretty hard to be accepted .... but she went through ~
The hardest part for me is when i know cosplay requires cosmetics .... i dont know how to use any of them ..... never even heard of them. I've searched for so many tutorials online and find so many forums for recommended products before i started to purchase them. Oh ... before that, i HATE putting stuff on my face ! I dont care what is it! I just hate it ! and before i know cosplay ~ All i know is cleanser, but after i know cosplay, i use Cleanser > Toner > mosturiser.
Contact lens is also challenging ... my eyes wont open when i try to put them in !!!! (at first)
But now I am good =) I am not pro, but at least my eyes would open when i put them in ~

I like the feeling of transforming from a person with boring life (me) into someone with a life (a character in show). =w=
I will eventually stop after a few years. But for now, i just wanna have fun =)

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