Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Sales hauls

I am back with new hauls ! \(^ω^\) Since i am new to cosmetics so i just realize there's Christmas sale, and believe me, those sales could get a little crazy sometimes ! @@ (crazy as in very cheap)
From left: 
Nail polishes my sister brought. 
She likes nail art a lot, so she brought those when they're on sale.
Nanowhite milk cleanser a.k.a make up remover. 
I didnt have a make up remover, i was using lotion to remove my base make up all along. So i wanna try a make up remover, and when i saw this on sale i grabbed it as quick as possible ! (`・ω・´)
Arezia's 48 eyeshadows palette ~ I needed one colorful eyeshadows palette due to my photoshoot during Mid-December so i brought this when i saw there's a reasonable price in Sasa.
The Face Shop lash glue. This is going to be my second bottle. (°∀°) My last one wasn't finish yet but i saw it on sales so i just brought it. I needed it anyway.
Majolica Majorca's Skin remaker pore cover. I needed a base make up, my last one is too cheap and have no mirrors with very ugly appearances.... So i worked very very very hard and brought this to comfort myself after all the hard works. Finally, i brought it ! (゚ヮ゚)
Revlon Lip butter in strawberry shortcake. I only have nude lip colors and i need a pink one cause photogs was complaining about my lips disappearing after a flash .... ●﹏● So i brought one.
Love Meex crayon eyeliner. 
In 2 It blusher. 
Etude House LUCIDarling Over the Rainblusher. Hightligther !!! I needed one !!! and it's on sales !!! LUCKY ME !!! (≧o≦)
So I am going to babble about what i've brought now =P
Information: Majolica Majorca's Skin Remaker Porecover powder foundation
Shade: OC10
Origin: Made in Japan
Net Weight: 10g
Ingredients(first 5): Mica, Synthetic Fluophlogopita, Talc, Titanium dioxide, Zinc Myristate and etc.
Babbling: Now this is pricy, I've been planning to buy this since i realize i needed a powder foundation. Thank you Watson for the promotion [even if the price doesn't really reduced too much (• ε •)]! Plus, i've seen soooo many reviews about this foundation, lots of girls saying it's good for people with combination skin, so i gave this a try. I've only used it once, during my presentation and it have a medium coverage (=3=).... for some girls, it's a good thing, but i prefer heavy coverage stuff. I like heavy coverage things but i didnt buy them cause i know there's a price to pay to have a flawless looking skin, TALC a.k.a somethings that dries up your skin, it's cheap so most cosmetics contain them. I dont really mind though, cause my skin isn't really dehydrated (and i am not using make up daily). I choose OC10 cause it's a neutral shade for all Asian skin. [no comments on packaging cause i would end up writing a very long blog post telling you how much i adores the out look of that box]. Btw, the quality of the box is average, plastic. 
Information: Etude House LUCIDarling Over the Rainblusher
#01 Hawaii
Origin: Made in Korea
Net Weight: 7.0g (0.24oz)
Ingredients (first 6): Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Talc, Dimethicone, Mineral Oil, Polymethyl and etc.
Babbling: This one is very cheap. The price was reduced sooo much during sales. ♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪
It comes with a mirror and a useful synthetic brush. I find it very annoying when i brought something and it comes with a useless brush. ●︿● Yeah, you get what i mean. I used this brush to highlight my T-zone, cheeks and chin.

Left flash ON, Right NO flash
Shimmery pretty colors (◡‿◡✿) It's pigmented and the shimmer still stays on your face even after a few hours. Yes yes yes, there's TALC too, like i said, you can't avoid cosmetics without it cause it's cheap. Oh yes, I almost forget to comment on the out look of this compact. One word, feminine.
Information: IN 2 IT blusher
CW 06 lust
Origin: Made in Thailand
Net Weight: 3g
Ingredients(first 5): Talc, Dimethicone, Mineral Oil, Squalane, Hexastearate and etc.
Babbling: Got this during a sales too ~ very very cheap. I am using this for shading purposes, it's average pigmented and mostly only suits fair and asian skin tones(cause it's kinda orange-y too).
Useless synthetic brush. (✖╭╮✖) Luckily i have my own shading brush. 
I have to take a close up on the powder, there're butterflies and floral patterns on the powder, that is attractive but i bet it'll disappear after a few swirls on it. TALC TALC TALC everywhere, and this time, it's first in the list. Yes, and the packaging looks flowery and nice but i dont like how small the mirror is, how do you expect me to look into the mirror that small

Yeah, I am not going to talk about everything i've just brought, i just wanna share my opinions on them. (✿◠‿◠) On the other hand i am exhausted ! Assignments, courseworks and etc all at once ! It's like they buried me or something ... Hope my information helped. Ta ta.
Grace XOXO

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Candy Doll lipgloss in strawberry milk [quick review]

Pyon ~ ◕‿◕ I know i have been posting a lot of reviews lately, but i can't help it. After these few weeks i won't have time for blogging, there's finals in December.

Brand: Candy Doll
Produced by: Tsubasa Masuwaka
Volume: 6.8g
Origin: Made in Japan
Additional info: moisturize and 2-in-1 (lipgloss and lip concealer)

[note: all the pictures taken are not edited , but most of them have flashes on during picture taking]
No picture of the packaging cause i threw it .... (✖╭╮✖) Gomenasai !!! (translation: Sorry)
RM58 in Sasa but i brought this online for RM50. Pricy. 
Strips design for most candy doll's product. Looks alright. 
The bottle of the lip gloss is approximately 9.7cm long. While the bottle that contain lip gloss is about 5.7cm long, i reckon the applicator is about bottle-length. I try to apply this in the car, and it's quite hard to control in a shaking car [lol]. (─‿‿─) 
It's kind of a milky color. So it's best to apply this when you have your eye make up done or apply it over a pink lipstick, if not you will look pale. Unless you apply only a thin layer of this gloss to make your lips look hydrated, then you can use this color when you are not having the intention of putting on eye make up. (`・ω・´)
Quick babbling:
[note: flash was on, so the color might be different on your lips]
I applied this on my bare lips and this is how it looks like.
In pictures it looks great ! I love how the lipgloss looked on my lips.
In real life, my lips are thicken and it looks un-naturally juicy (i didnt have make up on). 
When i have make up on, i looked normal wearing this gloss ~(=w=~)

I wore this from 10a.m. to 1p.m. After a few hours of wearing it.... (pic above)
After a few hours of wearing it, there's some white substance appeared in the inner side of my lips. This happens everytime. ٩(●̮̮̃_•̃)۶

That's all ! Hope it helps ~
p/s: anyone know any good concealers for under eye circles ??

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Eyemazing Mizukitty Sweet Ribbon Series No.301 [review]

(〃^∇^)ノ Hiya ! I just came back home from my second photoshoot ! As promised, now i will give a review on Eyemazing Mizukitty's Sweet ribbon series No.301 false lash. (My first ever upper falsie that cost me more than RM5)
Front packaging
Brand: Eyemazing
Produced by: Mizukitty (Popteen model)
Name of series: Sweet Ribbon [no.301]
Origin: Made in China

Back packaging
About RM40 for 3 pairs, glue is not included. Still pricy for me. (• ε •) [budget buyer here]
The outlook and quality of the plastic cover is average. The paper inside the plastic have lower quality but it is eco-friendly. After i opened it, the lashes are in 3 separated plastic trays. Those trays did not have cover, so when i finished using them i have to store them back into their trays and put them into the packaging. Not so convenient.
This false lash is my favorite design !!! (°∀°) It's the classic crisscross + thicker parts in the front with volumized end. I LOVE IT ! It's so adorable !  It's like Mizukitty can read my mind and make her lashes into my dream lashes designs !!! ≧◡≦
After using it twice (pic above)
The quality of this lash really disappoints me. (◕︵◕) It's superb fragile !!! Here's some prove,
The feathers falls out easily even before you use it.
After i used it twice, I have intention of cleaning it for a third use. But then .... it's broken ! ●﹏● I was only trying to remove the glue from it's band and that happens .... 

Looks on my eyes:
Front view
I have trouble bending the lashes into my eyes' shape. It's really hard to bend and if you use too much force to bend it into your eyes' shape it'll broke. ⊙﹏⊙
Side view 
Like i said, i adore this design ! Volumized at the end which makes me look so gyaru  ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌

Eyes closed view
I like how matte the lashes looked ❤. Some lashes will reflect light, when flash photography is involved, your lashes will look ultra fake ! 

That's all of it ! My review on the first branded upper false lash i owned! ❤


Saturday, 10 November 2012


(─‿‿─) Ello !!! I feel like making a blog post today, it's a special day ! 10/11/12 (●´ω`●)
buuuut, nothing special really happens today.
I am really excited about Monday's photoshoot !!! I am collaborating with a new cosplayer near my neighbourhood. So I test my make up and also try my old costumes for fun
Ayuzawa Misaki cosplay !!! ≧◡≦
My Misaki isnt really good cause i didnt wear my lens and under falsie. I can't wait to try my first pair of Dollywink falsie (no.5) during Monday's photoshoot. It's going to be so much fun ! (but i am not photoshooting my Misaki though, i was just fooling around with my costume).
p/s: I was wearing Eyemazing in MizuKitty's (a popteen model) sweet ribbon series no.301. (will post a review after Monday, stay tuned !) 

Did i mention how much i wanted to be a blondie ? (°⌣°)
BUUUT, i am not daring enough to dye my hair into blond, so i photoshoped my wig's color into blond and try to picture myself in blond (▰˘◡˘▰)
I took this picture during my visit to Taylor's Asaban.
Most of my friends love to see me in brown. They prefer natural color compared to crazy hair colors (cause none of my real life friends are anime fans/cosplayers, yet). 

On the other hand, i feel kinda sad for not attending AFASG. ●︿● Wish i could go there next year, it seems so cool ! I think even Hikari Shiina is going =D. Oh well (~=w=)~ 

Grace ish peacing out \(^ω^\)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dolly Wink false lash case review

=^.^= Hey minna-san ! Here's DollyWink's false lash case review !
This is actually the first DollyWink product i owned. I love their designs a lot !

About 10cm X 4.5cm. This box is not long enough to put in a cotton bud. The patterns are printed on the box. 

The interior design of this box was meant for putting full false lash in the bigger part of the box and cut false lashes in the smaller part of the box, but i used the smaller one to put under falsies. 

Price: Expensive !!!! (◕︵◕) I could get 5 false lash boxes from Daiso with this price ! 
Quality: Disappointed. (✖╭╮✖) I expected a better quality. Sadly, It's just a ordinary plastic box !
Packaging: Adorable ! I really like this new outlook design ! (●*∩_∩*●) I've seen one that is pink with polkadots, but that is too common so i choose this one instead.

Actually this box is quite useful when i dont have place to put my used-once-only lashes. Overall, i love it ! 

Trip to Legoland + Review

SCROLL DOWN TO REVIEW (if you wanna skip my babbling) 
I have to say, there's pretty much nothing exciting going on in my life these few months (All I was doing is assignments and chores ˚ᆺ˚ว) except the trip to Legoland Malaysia.
I went to Legoland Malaysia last month. It's the first time I went outstation with my peeps. So i was extremely excited ! ≧◡≦
We arrived Johor in 5 hours ! Finally, we get to settle down in the hotel. Sadly, there's nothing to eat nearby the hotels, so we have to take a cab to a nearby shopping center to search for food~ Here's our dinner ! \(^ω^\)

The next day, we went to Legoland right after our buffet breakfast !!! (✿◠‿◠)

We have to go through a shopping mall to get to Legoland's entrance. 
(Yes, that is me, taking a luggage. ^.^V)

That's quite a number of people waiting for Legoland to open at 10am. We went there early so we have to wait too~~ Right before Legoland open their gates, their mascots came out to greet us ! (●⌒∇⌒●)

Tada ! A lego thingy !!! There's another cowboy legopeople mascot, but we didn't get to a take a picture with it ~~ (=3=) We put our bags and luggage to the locker so we dont need to drag it with us when we need to take a ride on the roller coaster. 

Information about lockers: 

Small square shaped lockers cost about Rm20 each
Larger lockers (my luggage size *2) RM40 each

There's no keys or cards, we filled in passwords and then the locker will open itself. It's more convenient that way, cause we dont need to take keys or cards with us. 

We went to the furthest part of Legoland first. 

Imaginary section:

It's really pretty, cause most of the decorations in Legoland are made out of Legos !
We were bored waiting for the 4D to open (it opens at 11am) so we walk around imaginary section. 

(picture above) 
This is the place where kids get to built legos [indoor], not ordinary ones. They get to built cars, buildings and etc with legos ! They can also get to built a building on a vibrating piece of lego to see whether their building is secure. (I know, i should take a picture of that vibrating piece of lego)

Yes, i looked happy on that musical fountain (it really plays music when you passed by it). Trust me, it's very hot ! The sun shines directly into your skin !

Land of Adventure:

(picture above)
The first thing we saw when we went inside Land of Adventure. Sadly, that game requires extra charges .... {(>_<)}

(picture above)
Water slide game ! (°∀°) It wasn't open yet .....

As you can see, i didnt really stay at Land of Adventure too long in the morning. Since I only get to play one game there. (shooting game inside an Egyptian palace).
I did get to play the water slide game at late afternoon, about 3-4pm.

Lego City:

Basically, there's a lot of things that you can take picture with in Lego city, but most of the rides are for children (and most of them aren't open yet)

(pic above)
This is where we have our lunch ! (●´ω`●)

Fish and chips ! (My lunch) Rm18.9 -Ala carte

Chicken chop ! (my friend's lunch) Rm22++ -set (comes with soup and drink) 

Haha... Well there's train rides that tour you around Legoland, but the line is too long. So me and my friends use our own strength to walk around Legoland. 

Lego Kingdom:

Lego Kingdom ! this is where we ride "Conquer the Dragon". It's a roller coaster. There's a mini story about this roller coaster, and when you finished riding it, the staff will clap hands and cheer for the people who "conquered the dragon". 

 This is a village theme restaurant. 

 Lego Technic:

This is actually the first place we should go right after entering Legoland, but we figured there'll be less people in the furthest part of Legoland so we went to imaginary instead.

There's more things to play in Lego Technic compared to other sections simply because it's near the entrance. There's dry games and also wet games in this section.

That's me in a boat game. It goes round and round, and i got soaked in this game too O_o 

There's children running around the fountains, soaking themselves while parents hid under shades.

This is Lego technic's indoor. There's a place where they teach children how to built stuff like moving toy cars and such. I am not really sure about the information since i didnt stay here for long. 


I have to say, Miniland is a paradise for photographers. There's so many buildings made out of legos, and all of them are really beautiful ! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

This is near the Taj Mahal. Those tiny people move ! The buses that made out of lego, LRT, trains and cars moves !!! (*≗*)

THAT, my friend. Is KLCC !!! 

Somewhere near entrance:

A souvenir shop with expensive merchandise ! (¬‿¬)



The first thing I will say about Legoland is HOT HOT HOT !!! 
Because it's newly built and there's not much shades there, the trees aren't grown yet so it's like being roasted under the sun. There might be indoors like souvenir shops around, but it's not like you can walk inside a air-con room after you sweat. (you'll get sick). 

Second, most of the games are for kids
Like some of the games in Lego City, they're built in kid's sizes. So i recommend that you go with your family (it's better when you bring along children), cause going with teenage friends (like me) is not really as fun as  going with your family. 

Third, transportation is a huge problem. 
Since Legoland's very own hotel have to be finished at year 2014. We have to take a cab or ride a bus to go to Legoland. It's pretty far away from our hotel. (near bluewave hotel). It took us 30 minutes to reach Legoland and we spent RM27 (one way) on transportation fee. [unless you drive there]

Fourth, there's really not much things to play.
Their waterpark might be finish in year 2013. Most of the games aren't open yet, and most of them are in maintenance status. So, what we mostly do there are taking pictures with pretty decorations. 

Next, GOOD services !
I have to admit, their services are very good !
1) They're very helpful when we asked them for help, eg: me and my friends can't find a cab and asked them for help. They gave us taxi's phone number and asks us to wait outside the shopping center (in front of legoland) cause there's taxi available there.
2) They smile, a lot ! Even if working under the sun for a long time. They manage to smile to us. eg: There's photographers (legoland staff) walking around Miniland and help people to take pictures (with your own camera and also with their cameras). They are really kind to help us when they saw us trying to take a group photo.
3) In "Conquer the Dragon" roller coaster game. They cheered for everyone that have finished riding the roller coaster. In every turn, there's 2 roller coasters. Can you imagine how many times do they have to cheer for ? I was wondering:"Where does their hyperness come from?" •(⌚_⌚•)

Thus, safe !
Most parents are scared that their child will get hurt during rides in amusement parks, but Legoland have  good safety precautions. Cause i personally got hurt in my back bone during my ride in another amusement park's water slide game, so i have fear for those slides as they didn't have things that secure you inside your sit and i got hit at the back when i was a child. Trust me, it still hurts.
Legoland's water game is (refer to Land of adventure section) really safe ! They have something have hold you in your sit so you wont fly out, places you can held on to in front of you and at the sides.

Last but not least, the line goes fast !
I bet everyone had experienced waiting in a game line for a really long time but Legoland rides' lines aren't as slow. In each game we've waited for 15 minutes (the most), there's a lot of people ! There's at least 4 schools that held a one-day-trip in Legoland the day we went there. So there's definitely a huge crowd there and still we waited 15 minutes only. eg: They have about 6 roller coaster in Lego Technic's Extreme ride, and each ride took about 1-2 minutes so the lines goes really fast. 

Overall, i think Legoland is pretty good. It's a real bummer that most of their games aren't opened yet. So it's best to go after year 2014. 

Tip on what to bring: 

1) Pendrive :- After your rides on roller coasters they will snap a picture of you sliding down the slope, you need not to buy the printed copy. They give out free soft copies. 
2) Hats and sunblocks: Trust me, you NEED them. 

Hope my review can help you ~♥