Friday, 28 June 2013

Dolly Wink Pencil Eye Color [Review]

Hiya! I am very happy to know that I was one of the winner of Cite Beauty Awards Contest held by Dolly Wink! YEAH !!! It's my fave brand!!!
They even gave me a notebook and a Dollywink brochure with Tsu-chan's faces on it! kawaii ne ~~
Brand: Koji Dolly Wink
Origin: Made in Japan
Code: Pencil Eye Color
Weight: 22g 
Packaging: Let's start from the cap. It is very otona. The design is better than the older version of Dollywink's caps. There are daisy flowers on it!
Notice the daisies by the side of the cap and the purple printed daisies on the pencil? Very otona~ and less gyaru.
Design: The design of this pencil is not white. It's golden beige shimmery
Here is a demo picture. I applied it on the inner corner of the eye. Do you see the obvious golden simmers on the right side of my eye? As it is not silver so it's not sharp, it makes you look warmer and sweeter~ Looks good when you smile too! 
Quality: It works just like how Dolly Wink described it on their letter. It's waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting! It is very pigmented as well! A little of it is enough to create the big eye effect! 

Price: I think it's selling for RM50++ in Sasa, for me it's quite expensive. haha! But i won it from a contest~~ so.. yeah xD
FYI, I wore it during my Dean's list ceremony! I walked on the stage using only Dolly Wink's products on my eyes~ (except for the mascara... i didnt have their mascara TwT)  
Here is how I look like during the ceremony~ 
I tried No.10 (Sweet Cat) in this picture! 

So i guess that's it!!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dollywink cream eyeshadow in No2 [Review]

Remember when i went to Dollywink's tea party during last year's Comic Fiesta ? =D 
In their goodie bag,I've got one product that I love soooo much I used it in every single time I make up... @_@
note: this product is discontinued.
*drum hits*
Brand: Koji Dollywink
Series: Cream eyeshadow
Origin: Made from Japan
Code: No.2 (Crystal Rainbow)
Weight:  0.6 oz
Ingredients: water (aqua), alcohol, petroleum distillates, ppg-25 butyl ether phosphate, ppg-40 butylether and etc.

Packaging: cute, polkadots printed on the outside is soooo Dollywink's style. It's round shaped, palm size and light weighted, that makes it very travel friendly! I brought it to my Hong Kong trip and it does not really take up too much of my space. 
Design: I have notice a lot of other bloggers saying they don't like this because it's just a chunk of glitter. ):
I don't know, but i love glitters! Most of the things I used contain glitters ! I can't live without those sparkly stuff!!! xDD
So it took me a while to discover this but this baby have no pigmentation!
All of them are glitters.
There are a total 7 kinds of glitters inside. 
All in different shapes and colours!
THIS is it's speciality.
Look carefully, there is green, pink, purple, gold, bronze, blue and silver colour. My phone can't take a good picture of it but i swear if you get to use this baby then you can see all the colours too ! That is the reason why it is called "Crystal Rainbow". Tsu-chan designed it very well, if it's only silver then it's too sharp but this one have combination of different colours!
It looks good with any look you try to achieve! Cute, sexy, sweet, cool, natural and etc! #truestory.
 Quality: It resists water~ If you get splashed with water, just dab them away and it still stays~
It stays on my eyelids for the whole day!
It also helps my eyeshadow stay longer~ The only thing that i don't like about is how you must use fingers to apply it~ xP
(cream eyeshadow underneath Dollywink eyeshadow no.1)
Price: quite expensive for a little eyeshadow like this. But i got it from the tea party, so it's alright! xDD

Too bad this baby is discontinued. From my opinion, it's very well designed! Maybe because it got too many bad reviews... T^T Oh well, glad i have a chance to try it!
Wish i can try the gold one too :D
So that's it for now ! Bye bye! xD

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

[Review] Beautifully Disney lipgloss in Mysterious Mermaid

Hi ! I've just come back from Hong Kong ! It was fun ! I get to go to Disneyland and brought some souvenirs back and most of them are cosmetics... =_=". I can't even resist not buying anything after i reached Disneyland! Since I have been watching their shows since forever! #truestory

I brought this baby in Disneyland hotel! I brought Ariel's because she is my favourite Disney princess of all! (^_^V)
Brand: Beautifully Disney
Origin: Made in USA
Code: Mysterious Mermaid
Weight: 2.3gram/ 08 fl oz 
Ingredients are shown on the back of the packaging on the picture above! 
Packaging: The box is very elegant, with black/greyish base and covered with royal-like patterns. Make it looks so luxury! I did not want to open it at first, cause the box was meant to keep the lipgloss inside forever... #LOL cause the lipgloss itself was so beautiful... make me feel kinda guilty for using it.. it was kinda meant for display more than being used... D: 
THIS is how it looks like after opening the packaging! It disappoints me to know that the illustration of Ariel was not printed on the bottle, but it's only a sticker pasted on the bottle... =( 
The top of the bottle have a shell on it (and yes, it was not printed, it's just sticker... (=3=))
The bottom of the bottle.
Design:  Sorry i forgot the swatches .... D:
Here is how it looks on my lips. The lipgloss have slight simmer that makes your lips looks plum-ish and juicy. The colour design is very suitable for mature looking make up ~ Looks natural!! I did not have orange tone lipgloss and it's my first time trying one. I am totally in love with this colour!

Quality: The quality of the bottle is better than other lipglosses bottles. But the stopper is not very functioning well, if you look closely, there is some lipgloss on the wand of the lipgloss.
This lipgloss comes with a sponge applicator, So it's hygiene and easy to apply it~ (not in a moving car though #giggles).
The lipgloss is just like other lipglosses, need to apply lip care before applying it (duh!). 
But i must say, it is not as dehydrating as i expect it would be! xD

Price: HK$98 is quite expensive, but it is genuine from Disneyland so i guess it's okay. It's not like you can go Disneyland everyday now is it ? xD

SO that's it for the review ! Now Lets start with my babbling! xD haha !
This was my costest for Sasha from Attack on Titan~ My friends say i look like her O_o so i might cosplay her someday ! When i think about the props i need to make i pass out... =_=" #yetanothertruestory

I guess that's it for today !

Saturday, 1 June 2013

[Quick Review] Battle of the liquid eyeliners! \(^ω^\)

Hey gals! Here's a review of a few eyeliners that is quite popular~
Lets see who are the "contestants". ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
From left,
(click inside to see images of the eyeliners)
Dollywink liquid eyeliner in black

Bottle packaging liquid eyeliners:
Etude house proof 10 liquid eyeliner
Kiss me heroine make impact liquid eyeliner
I am not really a fan of bottle liners cause it's inconvenient ~ Even so, my first liquid liner is Etude house's #laughs. One of the pros is that it seems like you can never finish the liquid liner... there's a lot! #truestory. I have been using my Etude house liner since last year and it's still contain a lot more!
Pen liquid eyeliners
K-palette 24 hours real lasting liquid eyeliner
Kate super sharp liquid eyeliner in natural black
Kate super sharp liquid eyeliner in brown
Kate quick eyeliner in black
Dollywink liquid eyeliner in brown
Dollywink liquid eyeliner in black
Nice, it's easier to use and convenient. The only thing i dont like about it is that the volume of the liquid is lesser compared to bottle ones.

(★= 1 star, ✰=no star. More stars means better pigmentation.)
Etude house proof 10 liquid eyeliner: ★★★★★
K-palette 24 hours real lasting liquid eyeliner: ★★★★★
Kiss me heroine make impact liquid eyeliner: ★★★★★
Kate super sharp liquid eyeliner in natural black: ★★✰✰✰
Kate super sharp liquid eyeliner in brown: ★★★✰✰
Kate quick eyeliner in black: ★★★★✰
Dollywink liquid eyeliner in brown: ★★★✰✰
Dollywink liquid eyeliner in black: ★★★★✰

Now, off to the tests!
I splashed water on all off them and dab the water off afterwards. All of them is stayed and I must say, they are very good at waterproofing. #giggles.
Green ones: passed
Red ones: failed
I rubbed them after splashing water on them and opps! Apparently some of them smudged a little!
Splashed some make up remover on them. Dollywink eyeliners and Kiss me impact eyeliner is starting to dissolve~ While others still stand firm!
From left:
Etude house poof 10 liquid eyeliner
Average. After you remove it, there will be little bits of black things left on your skin.
K-palette 24 hours real lasting liquid liner
Hard to remove. I rubbed it but it still stays! Oh my goodness.....
Kiss me heroine make impact liquid eyeliner
Easy to remove! I just rubbed it and it's off!
Kate super sharp liquid eyeliner in natural black and brown
This is the most stubborn eyeliner i have encountered.... Even if you removed it, there is still some black/ brown thingy left on your skin. Here's a prove:
 See what i mean ? =_="
Kate quick eyeliner
The tip is very special, feels like a marker pen~ dries fast on your lids and it's okay to remove. Not easy and not hard~
Dollywink liquid eyeliner in black and brown
Easy to remove and also my fave of all! xD

So i guess that's it! hope my quick review helps! TATA !