Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Cettua Leg relax patch review

Hello! Happy New Year dears ♡ I have been to Comic Fiesta 2014. This is the first time I am staying until the end of the event cause usually I went back in the afternoon/evening.
Look at that crowd ( ´・___・) (I am the one in santa hat *Hirasawa Yui Xmas version)

I had lots of fun. Unfortunately, I always over exhausted my legs after an event. Maybe because I have to walk and pose for a long period of time. 

Then I encounter this product!
Name: Leg Relax Patch
Brand: Cettua
Origin: Made in Korea
Quantity of patches: 2

Beside Korean language, they have English instructions and ingredients list behind the package which is a plus point for foreign products!

This is how they look like after being opened. Honestly I did not expect they look like this *giggles*. They kind of reminds me of pain relieve patches. 

Also, they stated that there's lavender, rosemary and tea tree extract in the patches but then I only manage to smell tea tree and mint from the patches. The scent is similar with car perfume
 Aren't like other pain relieve patches, they did not smell like medicine so there's no worries to be used in office or colleges. 
 There is a layer of plastic on the patches. These patches feels like their eye masks, one side cotton the other side is gel.
After applying them on my ankle it feels so amazing... The cooling feeling and scent is soothing my cramped feet. Yes, my feet was cramped (twice) during Comic Fiesta. After that, it was still painful o(QwQo) . This seriously soothes my darling feet (●´∀`●)

I should totally bring this with me during travels. *laughs*

Overall I think it's good. It doesn't relieve 100% of the pain but it does reduce around 60% of it. 
I guess that's it! Here is a selfie I took during Comic Fiesta 2014 cosplaying as Krista Lenz. 
(⊃ ´ω`)⊃♥⊂(´ω` ⊂)

Monday, 29 December 2014

My Christmas haul

Hi y'all! There is always those crazy year end sales tempting me buy so much! 
I brought Biore foam cleanser which works as both daily cleanser and makeup remover. This is my 2nd purchase. What kept my loyalty is that it works absolutely amazing when it comes to removing base makeup but it does not remove mascara at all (including eyebrow mascara). Best part of it is the convenience it gave me! 
I brought it at RM11+ after promotion in Guardian.
Koji's false lash glue in clear. I got my first one during last year's Dolly Wink's makeup workshop.
Why I repurchase it simply because it's clear (I need not to reapply eyeliner after putting on false lashes). It can be removed easily by using lots of water. Also, it won't ruin my precious false lashes!
 That small size makes it travel friendly but it's harder for touch-ups because it's not those bottles packaging. Furthermore, it's cheap. I brought it for RM9.8 after promotion in Sasa. NP is RM10+.
Almost the entire set of skin care! This is the craziest I have encountered this year! Guardian gave this entire range a 70% off discount until 4th of January 2015!

I needed a hydrating serum and a new toner. At first I only brought those two but thinking over, you can't meet an awesome promotion everyday.*giggles*
I have been using Nano white skin care for a long period of time but not this range. I love how their moisturizer can be absorb to the skin abruptly with the Nano technology. This is important for me since I hated greasy feeling cause I am staying in a sunny country with humid weather. 

I shall give a tedious review on their skin care range. haha! Thank you for the year end sales!

HoHoHo! Merry Christmas peeps!

Hope y'all enjoy those sales as much as I do! :D


Monday, 22 December 2014

Garnier BB Eye Roll-on review

Brand: Garnier
Name: BB eye roll-on
Volume: 15ml

I have been trying to find this for quite awhile cause I saw some models and singers using it and it seems so nice since it does not only work as a concealer but also a eye care product!

Then I found it at Guardian~  #shiawase
Only one shade is available.
It stated that constant usage can reduce my dark eye circle.
To be honest, I am not so sure about this since I did not use this daily.
It contains lemon essence, mineral pigments and caffeine that works well with reducing dark eye circle.
The packaging is average, nothing special. Anyhow, the design of the bottle is very nice to hold.  
This is the roller, I know it's a mess but the bb cream keep dripping out. I have to store it upwards to ensure it does not make too much mess. 
The texture of the cream is very thin, it's easy to glide under the eyes. Unfortunately, the roller always give me way too much cream. 
(Sorry about my "naked" face *laughs*)
The cream itself felt more like essence, very thin and nice to use. The nude pigment is sheer so it basically matches most of the skin colour. 

If you are finding for a coverage concealer then this is definitely not the one for you. This is more of a skin care and it's suitable for those who loves a natural finish. 
Full make up! *laughs* I brought it with RM20++ in Guardian. It is a normal price for a concealer so I think it's okay.

I guess that is for it for Garnier's BB eye roller.

OH! Let me show you the false lash I am using in that picture!
It's Daiso's natural false lashes with black and brown mix!
So natural and so long!!! I love it so much haha!

Okay okay, last picture! *giggles*
Hope it helps!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Bloop toe nail sticker review

Hi y'all! I know I promised that I will write about U.Mi's workshop in my current post but then I am having exams so I will have to delay that post. For now I will write a simple review.

Brand: Bloop
Name: Nail it!
I brought this for my graduation. I love it when I manage to find occasion to be pretty LOL 
There are instructions behind the packaging. It's very easy to use and I always prefer this more than nail polish because I don't need to wait ridiculously long for them to dry.
It comes with a nail file and 22 nail stickers. 
I put them on my bare nails and apply a layer of top coat so they can last for a week or so.
Without the top coat it can last around 3  to 4 days.

This is how it looks like after 2 weeks, most of them dropped after 4 days.

Looks cute right? I brought it for RM15, it's cheaper if you compare to nail salon services. I won't buy it on a daily basis though but I don't graduate everyday. Haha!

I guess that's it!

btw, I found this weird Japanese snack in a grocery store and I was so tempted to take a picture of it.
They are dried mini crabs *shivers*. I am not a fan of crabs and this gave me the chills... 

Enough randomness for now!

Hope my review helps!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

U.Mi workshop

I went to Unique Mineral Make Up (U.Mi) workshop. It was very informative! Priscilla (the instructor) taught us so many new knowledge about make up! The information seriously leave me in awe... (mostly shock)
(That kawaii dog behind me is Giselle)
Why? Well, I will tell you girls about it in my next post. For now, I wanna focus on their make up! 
This display set looks modern. (I like the led thingy *giggles*) We get to try their 100% mineral make up, it is safe for all skin to use (even the most sensitive skin). 
Their mineral loose powder comes in 4 different shades. The most popular is no.03, warmer undertone that suits most Asian skin colour. 
Their powder is my favorite product in this brand. It won't oxidize and darken my face by the end of the day and it gave me a natural finish! If I uses them, no one even knows I wear powder. (no kidding #truestory). 
(this picture contain no filter and no edits: after powder application)
At first try, it can't give me the coverage I want as I am still new to applying foundation and concealing with just one loose powder and 2 brushes (one powder brush and one concealing brush).
and then Priscilla demonstrated to me. There is only 3 steps required:
1) pour
(pour the little amount of powder on the lid)
2) Swirl
(swirl the powder evenly on the brush)
(blend the mineral powder on my face by doing circle)

Actually if I practiced more, these steps would be a piece of cake! *laughs*
Cause applying other sort of foundations took me quite a while to learn as well.
The one in the middle is their adorable (premium looking) brush! I LOVE GOLD COLOUR SO MUCH! This is definitely my type of brush! 
This brush felt so silky smooth. Not coarse like animal fur! I love it! It hold the powder well too! I used this brush to apply my base make up. 
Now, eyeshadows!!! There are 5 shades, pink, blue, purple, white and brown. My favorite was the pinkish-pearlish colour! All their eyeshadows are shimmery, which makes it easy for everyone to use. (I am bad at using matte eyeshadow #yetanothertruestory) 
(Special thanks to Chency for her hand: her blog link)
You can use several ways to apply these mineral eyeshadows.
1) dry 
(normal way of applying eyeshadow)
2) wet 
(mix it with some water for the colour to be more pigmented)
3) Lips
(mix them with Vaseline and put it on the lips, they are safe so it's okay to do so)
4) nails
(dap some eyeshadow on the transparent nail polish and you can use them as nails colour)

Cool huh?
These are their mascara and gel eyeliner. I like how their gel liner glide easily on my eye lids. It smudges a little on the bottom of my eyes after 1 or 2 hours cause I have watery eyes when I wear contact lens.
These are their lead-free lipsticks that does not last long.
Things that last long contain high amount of chemicals.Their lipsticks are very gentle because even if you have the driest and most chapped lips on this planet you can still use these chemical-free lipsticks, aren't like conventional lipsticks, they won't do any harm. 
(special thanks to Kelly for the swatches demo: her blog link)
These are the swatches. The tone of these lipsticks will change depending on individuals' body temperature, so these shades might not look the same on you.
On the left is shimmer (highlight) powder and on the right is the blusher. They only have one shade for their blush. As I mentioned before about their lipsticks, the tone differs due to the differences of individuals' body temperature. So one blush might create different results on different person's cheeks. 

SO I guess that is! I will do another post about what information I have learned from the workshop. 
You can drop by their Facebook page here. Their website is still under construction.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Elianto classic mini brush set review

Hey y'all! I know I reviewed their Kabuki brush recently but I can't help but to review their brush set too! 

Brand: Elianto
Quantity of brushes: 5
Manufacture country: Korea


Hmm... the outlook is plain. The appearance doesn't attract me at all... but the quality of this pouch is good.
This is how it looks like after being opened. If you are wondering, yes, that is not their original sponge. I brought this last year, the sponge is fragile (or maybe I am too strong) so I threw it long time ago. *laughs*
 There is the transparent place where you can place sponges, cotton square pads, cotton buds and etc.
Here is the plastic divider to make sure cosmetic remaining on the brush wouldn't dirty the entire pouch. 
Honestly speaking, this pouch was wonderfully design (not the boring appearance though), it is convenient and I bring it with me during travels or whenever I needed a touch up.


This brush is palm sized. Appearance wise, all brushes look as boring as the pouch. Function wise, it can be used as a blusher and a highlighting brush.
It's flat, so if you turn this way you can use it as a highlighter brush. 
 Turn this way, a blusher brush! Voila!
It feels like bristle rather than fibre... It's coarse... 
 Demonstration time! I dapped twice on the blush.
It pick up the minimum amount of powder... ~(=w=~) I have to reapply a few times before this brush can give me that flush look.
This is a lip brush, I never like using brushes to apply lip products so it's brand new *giggles*. 
Anyhow, I can still take a picture of it just to show y'all. (Sorry it's out of focus LOL)
 Eyeshadow sponge applicator! The tip is precise (cause it's pointy), so it can reach inner corner of my eyes. I have washed this for more than 3 times and it still works like a charm!
One dap on the eyeshadow and it can pick up appropriate amount of powder to apply on my eye lids.
Here is one of my favorite eyeshadow brush! It's small, precise and very very easy to use. I simply love it! Because it's flat, I sometimes use it to shade my nose too~ Work like a charm *throw flower petals* 
It doesn't stab my skin like how their blusher brush's bristle do. It's soft and pick up an appropriate amount of eyeshadow in just one dap! 
This is a mini angle brush. Mostly used for eyebrows (or sometimes eyeliner, eyeshadow. Depends on your likings). I have collected around 7-8 similar brushes (I have this habit... don't know why LOL) and this one have the thickest fibre. 
What do I mean? Well, let me do a demonstration then~ 
See that brown spot on my hand? Well, it's one dap of the brush on my skin. It creates this thick spot, making it hard to manipulate my brow shape. I like thinner sort of angle brush, for me this is too hard to control. I only use this to apply my under eyes (or most of the time I don't even use it)

Well, those are just my preferences. Besides, their price is very reasonable (as usual for Elianto)! I brought it when they have half price sales and got it for around RM15+ (I have forgotten the price *laughs*). Nowadays, I can't find a brush set with this quality for this price. 

I guess that's it! 
My friends said my earrings looks like their keychain... (=_=")
Hope my review helps!