Wednesday, 24 April 2013

25 April 2013

Hi blog, sorry for the lack of updates but i am currently having my finals. So after my finals I can go photoshoots and update this blog more.
My fringe have gotten longer but my peeps hated my old fringe so i decided to leave it like that~ Let it be long.... Plus, i am still not used to front fringe... feels like there something blocking my forehead... @@ 

and Yikes ! I felt down about a week ago.. because i was wearing my new lens and the degree doesn't really suits me so i didnt really see the drain and kinda felt down... Ouchy...
That is how it looks like when i felt down .... Now it's starting to peel itself @@ As in, the skin is regenerating... -prays for faster recovery- I have a photoshoot in May T^T Please recover faster !!!!
I got some scars and wounds on my foot too... that one is the smallest and the most painful... so when i walk, i feel the pain ... #truestory.
So no sneakers and heels for me at the moment... only slippers and ballet shoes... ballet shoes are my lifesavers ! Without them i couldn't get into the exam hall T^T 

oh ~ and i forgot to blog about my trip to Animax carnival 2013
 There was like a million people squeezing in the tiny place.... No KIDDING ! Last year's animax is waaay better than this one. Maybe they don't know they'll have so many visitors.... @@
The crowd is so huge that you sweat where ever you went ! cause there's too much people, and some photogs and cosers try to take pics in the middle of the road and you are forced to stand there wait for them to finish ~ So all i can say i feel like a sardine during this event.... 
Yeah, that's me. I cosplayed as Akiyama Mio during Animax carnival. I am very lazy to upload the pictures in my blog. So please do check out the album i uploaded in Facebook right here.

So i guess that's it. If i have time i will try to update this blog more often ~ haha....


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Maybeline BB mousse [review]

Brand: Maybeline New York
Origin: Made in China
Code: Shade 01
Weight: 65g

The packaging is quite average, it seems to have a similar design with their mineral series of products. Thank goodness there's another sticker with a list of their ingredients (in English) behind their packaging. At least we can understand what is inside of this bottle.
The things written on the cap was not understandable though ... All in Japanese ... =_="

I brought this just because it's sounds quite fun to shake it to get the mousse out of the bottle ~ It IS fun ! xD I shake it vigorously and tada !!!
The first squeeze xDD
this is how it looks like after applying it on my bare hand without any primers/make up base.
This is how it looks like without flash ~
This is how it looks like with flash ~ 
It have a light-liquidish texture, after you apply it. It dont covers your flaws much (still need to use a concealer for the job huh ?). It gives you a light coverage.
I have to squeeze it the second time xD IT's FUN DOING THAT ! xD haha!
after i applied it the second time, the foundation seem to be too thick thus making it looks unnatural ~ So I think .. one layer is enough~

Sorry that i did not have a demo picture of the foundation on my face, i forget to take pictures of myself ... =_="

oh yeah, maybe it's because of the micro formula so it's kinda easy for it to get inside your skin ~ It clog my pores ... ._. So i dont recommend you girls to use it daily ~  Yeah, also, i didnt like using my hands to apply foundation, i always loved using applicators ~ (depends on you, maybe you like using your hands to apply make up?)

The price is reasonable cause i got this at a discounted price. =)
Again, sorry about the short and not-so-detailed review, it's because I didnt use it more than 2 times ~ haha ~ (~=3=)~ Hope it helps !

Monday, 1 April 2013

Candy Doll lipstick and lipgloss [review]

Sorry for the late update. I pretty busy with assignments and event at the moment so ~~ yea xDD
Today's review~ Candydoll's lipgloss in cotton candy and lipstick in ramune pink.
(note: most of the pictures is not edited with lighting so that you can have a good look on the colours)
I'll start with the lipstick first.
Brand: Candy Doll
Origin: Made from Japan
Code: Ramune pink
Weight: 3.5g
Produced by: Tsubasa Masuwaka
(large image so that you can read)

It can stand. Sadly the description behind the product is written in Japanese... i have no idea what the ingredients is ...
The strips makes it look kinda ... cheap and fragile (it feels fragile cause it's made of plastic and light metal)... but it's not fragile at all ! I dropped it 3 times and it still looks the same!!! xD #true story

(left: flash ; right: no flash)
This is how the colour looks like, it's looks very nude ~ suitable for gyaru make up.
(left: no flash ; right: with flash)
So this is how it looks like on my lips ~  it feels matte and looks matte ~ Not dehydrating but not moisturising as well ~ 
(not edited with any effects)
so this is how i looks like with the lipstick on. I was standing under the sun light so it looks pale ~ But this colour can drive others attention towards your eyes.
Now time for lipgloss in cotton candy !
Brand: Candy Doll
Origin: Made from Japan
Code: Cotton Candy
Weight: 6.8g
Produced by: Tsubasa Masuwaka

(large image)
(up: flash ; bottom: no flash)
The design of the product is similar with their lipstick, strips ~ feels plastic and average ~ 
Here's the sponge applicator.  Sadly, the stopper that is suppose to stop the lipgloss from sticking onto the applicator is a failure.
(left: Flash ; middle: no flash ; right: sunlight w/o flash)
So here's swatches of lipgloss and the lipstick. Their pigmentation is quite good, lipgloss looks juicy ~
So this is how i looks like with the lipgloss on ~ It looks juicy right ? (and feel sticky too).
This lipgloss is superb sticky ... When you first apply it, it looks so dollish ! #loves

I wore it in my Akiyama Mio cosplay during Animax carnival 2013. It disappears after 3 hours i need to reapply it ~

The price was quite reasonable because i got them during Sasa's anniversary sales.

Hope my review helps ! =D