Monday, 26 January 2015

The Face Shop pet hand cream review

I need hand cream because I do chores (okay, I just want a hand cream and that was obviously an excuse *shys*)
Name: Lovely Me:ex mini pet perfume hand cream
Brand: The face shop
code: 04 Fruity Floral
Volume: 30ml
Origin: Made in Korea

This is the bottom of the bottle. There are ingredients listed (in English too) underneath. Besides,the bottle is palm size which makes it travel friendly

The bottle needs to be turned to open or close.
1) I like this because this is reusable (as in I can replace the hand cream with other lotion)
2) I dislike this because it's not as hygiene compared to those "toothpaste-like" hand cream (dust might get in)

One thing I love about this is the design! It is so cute! Looks like a cat trying to crawl out of a bucket! All my friends complimented the appearance of the bottle.
Meanwhile, the texture of the cream is mild, not creamy and not gel. At first it's creamy when you scoop it out of the bottle but after the application it feels matte and not greasy at all! Even though the feeling is matte, it makes my hand feel silky smooth. 

This is a scented hand cream. I choose this is because of the sweet/elegant smell. The name is called "Fruity Floral" but I only smell the floral.
If you hate fragrance then this is not the one for you. Honestly speaking the smell can make me feel dizzy when I am in a bad mood simply because the scent is as strong as a normal eau de toilette but it is not as long lasting (imagine your hands are drenched in perfume after application)
Anyhow, I like this because for me it's hand cream + perfume (2 in 1), I don't need to bring my perfume with me during outings. 
I guess that is it! :)
Hope this helps!


Monday, 19 January 2015

Fake DollyWink eyebrow mascara

I brought this online and the pictures they posted are authentic but after they sent it to me only I realized it's fake. 
How to differentiate? Well, it's quite easy *laughs*.
They copied it quite well but Malaysia imported DollyWink products usually have Golden Corner sdn bhd's sticker on top and a seal to protect the product so that no one can open it except for the consumer.
Next, they did not have "Maixuer" on the package print also, the girl is obviously not Tsubasa Masuwaka. 
The bottle only have "Dollywink" and not more than that but there is another logo underneath this.
Furthermore, the brush is longer than the original (the length of the brush not the handle).

Upon opening, it have scent. Real Dollywink eyebrow mascara have no fragrance.
They even imitated the sticker underneath the bottle. True, Dollywink does have a colour named "Maple" but it is not as dark as this colour. Even the darkest shade of their eyebrow mascara is not as dark as this one. 

This fake product creates a lot of crumb and the scent is pretty strong (not to mention disturbing).  
Here's a selfie before I end this post. Hope people would just stop imitating other brands, it creates a lot of trouble for other people. What if your fake products trigger some people with sensitive skin and damaged their health? Also, this is an unethical way of doing business. Bye bye my precious money.

Hope this post help you all to learn how to differentiate between imitations and authentic Dollywink eyebrow mascara.

Sorry I couldn't make a comparison because I didn't buy the real one. I went to Sasa and take a look at the real one before I made this post. 

Hope this helps.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Brush ON Block review

There are mainly two reasons why I rarely wear makeup during travels:
1) afraid my contact lens are gotta dry out
2) Reapplying sunblock

Why do I highlight the sunblock part? Well, because it's hard to reapply greasy and creamy sunblock on my face when I have makeup on! 

But then this product came out in the market! *drum rolls*
Brand: Kiss Mineral Makeup
Name: Brush ON Block
Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide- 15%, Zinc Oxide- 12%
SPF: 30 (80 minutes of protection)
Weight: 3.4g
Most special part of this sunblock is that it's in powder form! No more greasy and creamy feeling! *laughs* The mineral powder is suitable any skin type and it's at the bottom of the product. 

It also have a lock. Turn left then it's open, the powder could reach the brush; turn right to lock, the powder wouldn't be wasted when you are not using it. 
This is how it looks like after opening the refill. Yes, it's refillable. So there is no need to repurchase the entire thing. 
The powder is translucent, so it doesn't give a coverage or matte finish. Just natural, it feels like nothing and looks like nothing but it works like a charm!

Also, the powder does not sting my eyes at all!
Now on to the brush! 

There is a mini tube that connect the powder with the brush (I found it hiding inside the brush. Tehee)
Besides, the bottle itself is durable. I dropped it twice and it still functioning! haha!
There is a plastic that keep the brush in place before closing the cap. 
The brush is synthetic fiber so it's very soft on the face! 
Oh! The best thing about this brush is that it can apply the powder on hard-to-reach places! (Eg: ears) 

I brought it at around RM160+ in selected clinics. Anyhow, they sell it at RM170+ via online, the refill cost about RM130+ in their website. 

It is expensive but definitely worth the prize! 

This is one of my favorite product! I love it so much!

I guess that's it for now! Hope it helps!