Sunday, 3 February 2013

CNY hair style ;)

I actually have the courage to cut this fringe !!! T^T Finally! I feel so successful ! Anyway, i dyed my hair too . =) I didnt have the money to go to a salon so i dyed it with Schwarzkopf champage pink, that i mentioned in my previous post. I like that brand a lot ! The last one i used is Revlon, and believe me ... your hair turned coarse after one usage D=
This brand (the one i am using now) doesn't coarse your hair that much and you can actually see the colour ~ (even though i see no pink, yet)
There's another good news ! I am on February 2013 issue of Mina's magazine !
(up:Cover of the magazine)
This is my "article" !!! =D
A small column for me ! I suggested their readers to wear ribbons during Valentine's day so they'll look cuter !!! xD (me on the left hand side of the picture) That picture was taken right after i came back from Comic Fiesta, and PHEW ! that was an exhausting day. =P
I am shooooo happy today ! I can't believe I was actually on a magazine ! xDD hahaha !!!
(Red carpet! So CNY feel ! xD)
Anyway, i went to KL last weekend for the CNY decos. It's so pretty there ! I got myself a pair of sneakers  too ! I have to apologize to my feet for wearing overly cheap and low quality shoes ... =_=" My toe nail got broken from wearing a pair of fake crocs.... -sigh-

Anyhow, i am in a CNY mood now !!! One more week till CNY !!! heheheh ~ I can get to see my cousins !!! (after i finished my assignments... that is).


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