Monday, 21 January 2013

Another random weekend

So ~~ Chinese New Year is almost here and I have to re-dye my hair ... 
I remember the last time i dyed my hair was last year's CNY ..... ~(=w=~) Such a long long time ago ~~ So this time, after reading tons of magazines and blog posts i've decided to dye a pink-related colour ! It looks sweet ~~ =D After a long decision making, i brought this:
I seriously do not know whether this brand is good or not~~ But the sale girl said there's free gifts and it's on promotion and i just go and buy it ... =P LOL
Will dye my hair before i go back to hometown. xD I wanna do something crazy this time xD Bwhahahahah~
I have to take a close up of this mirror ! =D It's soooooo adorable !!!! Even the sales girl want it ! xD Hahaha ! I wonder how people pronounce this brand's name .... it's Schwarzkopf ?? O_o a weird name ~~
Got these make up workshop vouchers from the Food Festival in Mid Valley ~ I wonder how make up is related with food ... =_=" They just give you one voucher after you register for the lucky draw... =P

(the one with choco chips ~ I call it ... CHOCO BUTTER SUPREME *O* LOL)

Lately, i made a lot of stuff to eat ~~ Cookies, muffins and etc ~ Maybe it's because CNY is near and i feel like making stuff to eat ~~ It's kinda like baking things = CNY is here ~~ xDD LOL

Well, my random weekend ;) Hahaha ! xD

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