Friday, 11 October 2013

Koji Love concierge No.4 [Review]

Hi, sorry for being inactive~~ but i was busy with life ~~ so yeah ... gomene!!! 
anyway, here is another review !!! 

Brand: Koji Lash Concierge
Origin: Made in Japan
Code: No.4 
Model: 平野由美

I get to try it during Dollywink's workshop, this brand focuses on natural lashes that even OL can use during work. Did you notice the percentage that is printed on the packaging ? The higher the percentage, the lash will be more natural. Meaning to say, it is harder to be discovered that you are wearing false lashes if the percentage is higher. =)

I choose this simply because the lashes tend to go longer at the end and i have no idea why these sort of lashes looks best on me. xD
This false lash have transparent band ~ 
This is how they looks on me. Very natural right ? 
Here is my very own lash that i have already used several time. Look good as new right ? <3 I bet everyone know about Koji's false lashes' quality after using Dollywink. Basically, their quality are the same! You can re-use the lashes for more than 10 times (if you are careful when cleaning them). 
This is how it looks like with eyes closed. :D 
As for the price, I sincerely still have no idea what is the price of this lashes in Malaysia. I guess we will have to wait ~ ^w^

I guess that's it ! Tata for now ! ;)

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