Tuesday, 2 July 2013

K.I.S.S mineral make up lip plumper [quick review]

Anyone ever heard of K.I.S.S mineral makeup? All their products are safe to use! "Designed for all skin types, especially well-received with problematic and sensitive skin."
For more information you can click here~
Now I am going to give a review on their lip plumper! 
Brand: K.I.S.S mineral make up
Origin: Made in U.S.A
Code: Lip plumper
Weight: 0.1 oz/ 0.25g
Their packaging is quite simple and casual~ They have a sponge applicator so it's hygiene compared to tubed lip glosses.
The stopper actually works! There is no liquid on the wand! ^_^
Be careful not to drop it cause it's fragile! D:
Swatch! The texture is very good! not sticky and not too oily-looking. Give your lips a healthy look!
(above: outdoor light ; below: indoor light)
The colour might look deceiving, it looks so coral-pink! but it's not very pigmented, there is only a slight pigment that gave your lips a glossy feeling.

The price is quite expensive, but for those who have serious cracked lips or sensitive with conventional lip products must consider this ! Trust me, it helps with your lips! MUST CONSIDER *echoss....*
So i have been working on a few costumes lately... need to catch up lots with my stuff ~ Finals is near and costumes undone @_@ so many things to do!!! 
Been on to a magazine for the 3rd time ~ haha!!

I guess that's it ! Tata!

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