Monday, 17 November 2014

Kracie eye zone mask review

Hi pretties and handsome! I have been busy with life and assignments nowadays and almost forget to spend time with my beloved family (≧o≦) Yikes! I have to put "family time" in my schedule too. *laughs*
I know this is not appetizing but I feel like starting this post with a troll face (>‘o’)>
Now... behold!

Brand: Kracie
Name: HADABISEI eye zone mask
Origin: Made in Japan

(the girl in the picture is me cosplaying as Asuna, I was lazy to put watermarks on pictures LOL)

It says here it focuses on eye wrinkles that was developed due to dryness. It also contains royal jelly, retinol, hyaluronic acid and lemon extract to moisturize and soften the eye area.

Yes, I have no idea how to read Japanese too but I kind of get the idea how to use it after using so many skin care products. ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘
How to use it:
1) Cleanse your face and apply toner.
2) Put the eye mask on for 5 minutes. (If your eye area is extra dry you can put it on for 10 minutes)
3) after that you can apply your normal skin care.
This is how it looks like after it was taken out from the packaging. (◕‿◕✿)  Red polkadots makes it looks so moe (cute)!
There are 60 pieces in this tiny package, sufficient for 30 days usage. You are suppose to use it constantly for a whole month to see the result. Oh, and this reminds me of wet tissue. (─‿‿─)  
Opening it *drum rolls*
 There are another piece of plastic covering the eye masks (can't really see it properly in the picture), it prevents the masks from drying up.

note: I accidentally put it up side down one day and the liquid makes the seal loses it's stickiness ●﹏●  so remember to only store it with the seal facing up!
The texture feels like cotton/paper masks. \(^ω^\)
(>‘o’)> Please excuse my "naked" face 
This is how it looks like during application, it is a moon-shaped normal eye mask. It felt like an ordinary mask securely "glued" to my skin. (°∀°)  After I take it off I will dap the excessive essence on eye lids and under eyes. 

Furthermore, I have been using this for 2 weeks now and it keeps my eye area hydrated cause there is one point of time I wore too much make up and my face was cracking from dryness (except for my eyes area LOL #truestory)

So I guess that's it! Hope it helps!