Sunday, 23 November 2014

Elianto Kabuki brush review

Hi girls! I am going to review on *drums roll* My one and only kabuki brush! *throws confetti* 
This is how it looks like before I gave it a complete make over *laughs*
Brand: Elianto
"Ingredients": Synthetic fibre
Manufacture country: Korea
This is the older version, the latest one have brown colour fibre.
This is how it looks like after the make over! I can't stand plain packaging! I love cuter or royal (princess) sort of packaging. ~(=w=~)
Now, back to the topic. 
The brush itself is very very soft because it made out of synthetic fibre. Even so, it still can "scoop" up quite an amount of powder.
I did a demonstration sadly, I can't really see it in the picture... The product on the brush might fall out if you swing it, the brush doesn't have a good grip in terms of locking the product in it simply because it's not animal's fur.
Anyhow, after you apply it on your face it feels so... nice! I love that feeling when the brush touches my face! I don't really like animal fur brushes, it might give a good grip of the powder but it is not as soft as synthetic ones. 

Oh right, Elianto sell this at a very reasonable price (most of their products are at this price range). This brush's original price is around rm29 but then they had this crazy 50% off sales so I brought it with a even cheaper price! *giggles*

I brought this around a year ago, I think it's last year's year end sales and I washed this brush for more than 5 times but it still looks fine. Oh! If I am not mistaken they discontinued this and launched a new kabuki brush with brown fibre. 
If you girls are wondering how I helped my brush to do a "make over", it was by using pearl stickers haha! 

I guess that's it! 
I took this picture during Bon Odori festival. Also, I sent this picture to the publisher and I am in Mina's magazine (November issue) again. *shy*

p/s: I love kabuki brushes cause I think it gives me a perfect finish in my base make up routine. Sadly I have no budget to try more brushes and this one works like a charm! *blush* I love it!

Hope this review helps! Tata!

p/p/s: I wasn't sponsored just feel like sharing with y'all my favorite (and my only) kabuki brush. *throws flower petals*

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