Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Etude House Etoinette mirror review

I have tons of compact mirror but this is the most expensive one I have brought so far. Simply because Etoinette series was beautifully design (not to mention all of them were sold in limited quantity). 
Name: Etoinette mirror (Season 1)
Brand: Etude House
Origin: Made in Korea

I asked my friend to buy this for me during her trip to Korea. I like season 1 better because I like pink and copper better than white and silver (season 2). 
The mirror is approximately 9cm, palm size and just the right size to do touch ups and checking. 

 This is how the back side of the mirror look like. I felt like a princess seeing that logo (and the copper colour) *smile*.

Unfortunately, it couldn't stand at all. This picture was taken with a nail polish behind it to support the mirror *laughs*. 
I guess that is it! Hope it helps ;)

p/s: a sneak preview of the next review :D

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