Thursday, 5 February 2015

Nanowhite infinite refining astringent mist review

 Brand: Nanowhite 
Series: Infinite
Name: Refining astringent mist 
Volume: 5.1 fl oz/ 125ml
Origin: made in Malaysia

This is a toner that I have been using for the pass month. The packaging is normal, from far it looks classy due to the silver logo but if you see it closely the logo is just a plain sticker.

(Zoom in to see the ingredient list and information)
The toner doesn't tingle my face, it's gentle on my skin. Also, it does not makes my skin feel sticky after application (like some other toners). Unfortunately, it is scented... I hate it very much! It irritates me a lot! Especially when I am having "girls day". 
The scent is okay if I am using it in the middle of a day when I needed to freshen up, but during mornings it makes me feel so dizzy... 
This 125ml is light and it's kinda palm-size which makes it travel friendly
The spray can spray widely. It took me 2-3 sprays to cover my entire face. (so many "sprays" in two sentences LOL). 
Overall I give it a 4 of out 5 if they didn't have the strong scent... the scent just decrease it's rating to 2 out of 5... That depends whether or not you like the scent though~ 

I guess that's it! Hope it helps!

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