Sunday, 5 April 2015

Daiso eyebrow pencil review

Most of the time, I get really excited when I found some inexpensive and good quality products in the market. Let me introduce you to my favorite eyebrow pencil of all time!
Brand: Daiso
Name: I don't understand cause it's written in Japanese
Origin: Made in Korea

There are 2 shades available, one is dark brown the other is light brown. I brought the dark brown colour one. Did I mention how much I hated sharpening? Thumbs up to those roll-out pencils! 
As you roll it out, you will find the tip of the pencil (unlike other brow pencil) it's not cylinder shaped but it's triangle shape! I love the angle of the pencil, it can catch my brow shape easier than other cylinder shaped pencils. 
There is a brush intact in the other end of the pencil. Which makes it convenient, especially when I need to take it to vacations or even for a touch-up! 

Also, I didn't expect much from a RM5 brow pencil so it's kind of hard to glide on your skin. A little rough but still usable.
From right to left: one stroke, 2 strokes and 3 strokes.
It gives a natural feeling cause it's not as pigmented as some other brow pencils. I like my brow pencils sheer cause I might make mistakes when I am drawing my brows *laughs* I don't want to end like looking like Shin chan... yikes...

I have never did touch-up for my brows when I uses this precious pencil! It stayed on my skin for the entire day! But... If you sweat, it might fade a little if you uses tissue to dap it. It's not waterproof of smudgeproof so it's easy to remove.
As for the price, RM 5 for a product like this is awesome! No complaints at all! *laughs*

Well, I guess that is it! Hope it helps!
ps: I am using this brow pencil not only in this picture but in almost all make up I did LOL 
I love it a lot! 

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