Sunday, 19 April 2015

What is inside? | My study bag

Hey peeps! I am going to show you what is in my college bag! All the essentials that kept me alive during classes *giggles*
Let's start off with my bag, it's nothing fancy, just a plain bag I got for only RM25. It had followed me to several countries. Unfortunately, it's malfunctioning so I took it to college instead... (in case it broke when I am on a vacation LOL)
This teddy was a souvenir my friend gave me during his trip to Korea. It's adorable so I decorated my bag with it.
First item I am going to show you is my important planner. I always used a planner until I have a smartphone, I kept everything inside until one fine day it was lost... So I have decided to return to the old-fashion way to keep track of my activities just in case anything bad happen to my electronics (I was relying on electronics too much).
Such cute patterns!
Next, my DIY pencil case. I even sew a hook at the sides so I can hook my matching mini coin bag! 
Also, I had chained my lipgloss... I never use it but it looks cute hanging there.
I love my pencil case and the fabric ain't cheap... but it turns out really cute! Even my lecturer complimented it (without knowing I made it myself *giggles*) SO here's the inside of this pencil case. I have a lot of colour pens and highlighters so that I can keep my notes colourful and less boring. 
TA-DA! Here is the mini matching coin purse I was talking about. It can be hooked to the side of my pencil case. Inside, I put some coins (when I am lazy to put them in my purse) and a lavender essential oil. The oil is to keep me from stressing out from working on assignments.
Moreover, I have a scarf to keep myself warm during classes cause some classrooms felt like freezers...  
I brought this from my trip to China. The pattern resembles "Flowers of happiness" and for Chinese in China, they thought this pattern looks prestige. Unfortunately, my friends in Malaysia teased me and said it looks like a aunty-sort-of fashion ~(=w=~).
Furthermore, this is an umbrella (you don't say)
This was a gift from my friends during my birthday... 
There was a long story behind it but I will just skip it to reduce any extra amount of boredom.
 Look at these beautiful laces! Anyway, I needed this because I needed to walk a short distant outdoor to my college and it might rain...
From left there is my Doraemon earphones to give me silence and music when I needed them. 
Lavender scented wet tissue and dry tissue (I am a huge fan of lavender scent)
Phone is my secondary physiological need now.
The pink Japanese doll printed thing is a mirror.
Mint to keep me awake in class.
and lastly, a lotion that contained SPF in case I need to go outdoors. 

Oh! I forgot my purse LOL

So I guess that is it! I just felt like sharing with you all what I am using in my daily life. It's fun to blog about something personal once in a while. 

Hope y'all like it! bye! 

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