Wednesday, 5 September 2012

False Lash Review (for cosplay)

I've just notice I tried on a lot of different lashes and since internet reviews helped me a lot, i think i will try making one. =)
––––•(-•( Lolita Lash )•-)•––––
It's love at first sight ! This lash is a mix of black and brown. Perfect for brown hair lolita! ●ω● There's also little jewel on the lash ~ It really does enhance your eyes a whole lot more !! Here is a close up of my eyes during the event. 
You could see there's sparkles on your eyes (literally). It really does caught a lot of attention and it's also suitable for elegant/ royal-like/ luxury lolitas.

––––•(-•( Upper Falsie )•-)•––––
This lash is the most common among all cosplayers. I've seen tons of other cosplayers recommending this type of lashes. Guess what? it is good ! I used this during Animangaki as Megurine Luka. The material is light  compared to other synthetic falsie i've used. Maybe it's because there's gaps between the thick lashes so it's more lighter than other synthetic lashes. I dont know how my friend brought it, she gave me a pair because she knows i cosplay and she dont like dramatic lashes. =P 

I was thinking about using this pair of lashes for Luka because it's makes your eyes look so beautiful, but maybe because it's too thick so my eyelid feel very heavy.... It easily tired my eyes so i put it aside now. I dont usually wear lashes, so i feel uncomfortable wearing any lashes ! But this pair is very heavy m(>< )m
Wavy lashes is perfect for parties or cosplayers with small eyes but dont buy too cheap ones, if not they will be heavy.

I used this pair during my Miku cosplay. I personally love these design lashes cause they really suit my puffy eyes (=w=) ~ It's thick , but not heavy ~ But of course, these synthetic lashes aren't recommended to wear for too long. 

I used this during practices. This one is really a headache. It's too short for cosplay and too dramatic for daily use .... so ... not recommended ~ ب_ب

This one is lighter, like i said, lashes with gaps are lighter than thick ones. This one is also not recommended. It make your lashes look like there's spider legs sticking out ¯(°_o)/¯ Okay... that is just my opinion, because i like lashes with gaps, but the longer ones is not thick enough, so it may look weird when you use it....

This one is nice for maybe, school girl cosplays cause it's casual enough. =) If you use cosmetic daily, you can also use this daily. =) 

Note: Thick lashes is recommended for people with small eyes (but be careful, they might be heavy because they're cheap ones); Lashes with gaps is perfect for people with normal eyes size or large eye size (it's not as heavy as thick ones). 

––––•(-•( Lower lash )•-)•––––
I dont know much about lower lashes, this is the first pair of lower lash i've tried. There's also a reference picture of me wearing it on top of this post.
This type is pretty dollish. It make my eyes looks bigger. But it scare a lot of people since not much people can accept these dramatic lower lashes. Better stick with natural lower lash even if you're using them on cosplays. ◕ ‿ ◕

(except lower lash) All the lashes i brought is cheap ones and they're made in china cause i can't afford expensive lashes...... (~=3=)~ I am a budget buyer ●▽● 

Hope my reviews help ! (and sorry i didnt take close ups of me wearing them, cause i dont know i am making a review of this)

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