Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Magazine and lens (゜o゜)

-Sigh- I know the opening of this post isn't good but the ending is good (=w=)
First i wanna complaint about this contact lens that i brought online <(`^´)>
SOrry that i didnt have a good picture of this =) my dad took the camera away =P So this is a pink lens. and apparently, after i put it into my eye it is sooooooooo UNcomfortable !!! I remember it's name, Kira Kira pink , 16.0mm ! It hurts my eye T^T but only one lens hurt my eye, the other one is perfectly fine ... Argh ! too bad i couldnt ask for a refund ... =( -sigh-
The good news is i brought a magazine with Doraemon on the cover (^。^) 
This issue is about 100 Doraemons in Hong Kong, there're also pictures of coplayers cosplaying characters in Doraemon in this mag. Their hair is made out of plastic cause normal wigs can't really look 100% like the character's hair ~ So all of them looked weird =_="
There's also a doraemon concept restaurant opened there !!! =D Oh, how i wish i could be there =w=
HYOUKA !!! This issue they give out free Hyouka postcard !!! <3 OMG !!!!
Peacing out ;) 

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