Wednesday, 3 October 2012

02 October 2012

I am willing to try new products and i manage to saw a site having promo so i give myself a push by working hard to buy all these things i've dreamt of buying !!!
FINALLY !!!! Japan cosmetic products !!!! After 3 weeks of payment, they've finally arrived !!!
I also helped my friend to buy some stuff she wanted. So not all is mine.
Haha ! can you believe she actually returned the money to me in this way ? xD LOLX !
Will write reviews later ;)

New nail polish remover cause i've finished using Elianto's so i brought the face shop's. =) This one's quality is sooo good!!! it doesn't make the surface of your nails feel coarse ;)

brought this from Daiso =) cause i am really really baaaad at drawing brows~ So i needed this. xD 

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