Monday, 17 December 2012


This is going to be a pictureless post. It's all about my current life.
Well, yesterday i went to work during an event and it's my first time helping others to make up on behalf of a brand. I felt nervous really nervous @@ but i live through it ~~
So there's still a few days before the year's biggest event for all the otakus in Malaysia, Comic Fiesta!!! I am really excited cause this is going to be my first time ever attending this event! =D
I seriously have nothing ready at all ! I expect to go as myself, not going to cosplay anything since no one will see me even if i am in a costume and it's more time consuming if you wore a costume, cause people would wanna take picture of/with you and it makes it real hard to walk from that end to this end. This is my first time and it have 4 halls, so i am not going to let myself ruin it by cosplaying xD I just go there and take pictures of my new cos-mates and other beautiful cosplayers ! =D Now i know you can go and ask people to give you coscards =D OMG ! I am so going to collect at least 10 coscards this time !
Anyhow, I am now working in an office ~ So i found myself a job so that i can spend time earning money rather than spending them. If i stay at my house i would think of trillion ways to get out of my house and shop/eat/etc (all of them involve money D:) So i rather work. Now I have work in weekdays, and i've got 2 parties to attend this week ! One is tonight (just a casual BBQ party), and another one hosted by my college mates (it's a Xmas themed BBQ party) [another bbq.... =_="]. Oh well ! Hope my pimples wont grow out because of these two parties. I dont even know if i can make it for these parties ! I mean i have to go to work early and go back late. According to my own time management i sleep real early, so i bet tonight is going to be real exhausted... but i dont wanna miss out this party since i already miss out my friend's PD 2d1n trip ... -sigh- For work and also for saving money .... sacrifices must be made ! Dx I am quite impressed. I mean my friends never successed in hosting a trip to anywhere before ! Never ! Until i went to Legoland with my college mates... then they planned one .... hmm.... copycats
So now i am on my blog typing about my life in the office ~~ My boss was like: "why do you finish your works so early? Now what are you going to do?" I was like:"I thought there's a lot more to do....? O.o" lol...
Anyhow ~~ I still haven't plan which day of CF i wanna go ~~ cause day 1 means i have to wake up early in a Saturday means wake up early 6 days in a row.... if i go during Sunday, next week have work too ... So i rather go Saturday =P LOL !!!! Hope i can see my fave cosplayers there !!!!! heheheh =//////=
Omg, that is was a wordy post. O.o So now i have to think whatelse to do before i go back home/ go to the party ~~ I think tonight i am going to sleep like a log .... =_= exhausted .....

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