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Dollywink False Lash No.4 (Feminine Style) [Review]

Story of this box of lashes

{Please scroll down for the review}
I got my first attempt to try Dollywink's upper lashes when i went to their Tea Party last December. It's the same day as Comic Fiesta ! So i went to their tea party after i finished browsing through booths in the event.
Free refreshment from Gino Cafe.
When I notice there's so many new products of Dollywink on the table, i almost faint~~ I was soooooo happy !!!!! It's like my dream to try their upper false lash ! =D

Saw Comic Fiesta's ticket on my wrist ? Hehehehe ~ I go and open the eyeshadows since i realize they allow us to try them out. There's new packaging and colours. Smoke brown, pink brown and (same old) brown.

The one that is standing in front is the one who taught us how to make up, the girl that is sitting there is her model.

I used the fastest speed to try on  No.2 (Sweet girly) [my fave design] when they say: "Time for false lashes !".
It's like the happiest moment of my life !!! I can't afford them, but now i can try them on ! (happying)
Too bad i have to leave earlier... LRT will be full of people if i dont go by that time ... T^T If only i can stay for the Q and A session .... T^T (cries hard).
Anyhow, they gave me a goodie bag and there's a box of Dollywink's No.4 laying inside ! (*O*) Seriously... that is the best present ever .... I love you Koji !!!!!
After finishing the story. Now it's time for the review ! ;)

(New packaging)
Brand: Koji Dollywink
Origin: Made from Japan
Code: No.4 (Feminine Style)
Quantity: 2 Pairs
Produced by: Tsubasa Masuwaka
(Large image,so you can read what is written in this picture)
Packaging: Daisies make the packaging looked so much more mature and feminine compared to the last one. Less gyaru and look more casual.  Oh yeah, there's a lot of fake Dollywink on the internet, so please be careful. Genuine Dollywink have a sticker on the front of the package and a secure thingy near the top of the packaging, so it will be a little hard to open .
After you open it, there's a small plastic box that contain the lash. It's actually travel-friendly. You dont need to buy a lash box to put your lashes in. Just take this box and you're ready to go. =D

Small glue comes in handy when you can't find your lash glue, plus, there's no need to purposely go and buy another lash glue when there's already one inside the box. xD 
(note: this glue is not waterproof)

There's one instruction manual inside the package to teach people how to wear falsie in Japanese ..... (=_=") I dont know how to read them ...... =P

(Upper lash: No.4 Feminine Style ; Lower lash: No.5 Real Nude)
(Up: no contact lens ; Down: with contact lens)

Quality: Excellent ! This lash is extra soft ! So soft that it's very easy to be bend into your eye shape.
This baby looks good even if you are not wear any contact lens ! So no worries for people that does not wear lens. ;)
Besides, it blend really well with my natural lashes.

(Right: before cleaning ; Left: After cleaning)
Since it's very soft, that makes it feels fragile.... but it only feels fragile, it's actually not. After every usage, you just need to clean the glue off and it looks as good as new !
These pair of lashes have no weight~~ So your eyelids won't feel tired and heavy when wearing them.
Design: The design makes you look good in any occasion ! It's so natural ! Because it's longer at the end, so it'll make your eyes look longer and wider.

Price: One word, expensive !
Anyhow, after using it, i felt the price is kinda worth it ... (=///=) You can reuse it a lot of times as long as you're being careful during the cleaning part~~ 

(Camwhore with my box of lashes xD)
So i guess that's it ! Hope my review helps ! ;) Tata ! ~(=w=~)


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