Saturday, 8 December 2012

Xmas Photoshoot

I've been planning for this photoshoot since October ! Finally we get to do this photoshoot !!! =D
This is the outcome.
Meiko: Wendy Nyx
Luka: Grace Aiko (me)
Miku: Mi Qian
Rin: Reia Min

There's only one picture for now cause we just took the shoot yesterday and i can't wait for the photos so i have to force the photog to upload at least one picture. xD This is my first ever group photoshoot ! I was very nervous ~~ So i kinda accidentally put too much bronzer on my nose .... Yikes ! But thankfully it wasn't very obvious !
I get to meet so many new people ! Wendy is very fun to talk to, nice and friendly !!! Mi Qian was too tired so she didn't talk much. Reia was the cutest little angel I've met ! Her voice is sooo adorable !!!
This time we have a total of 3 Photographers.
Huh? Cosplay Photography
Moon Art Studio
Akahitoken Photography
I've did a collab with Huh? before, so i have full confidence in her ! xD
This is the first time I've met Moon Art, he is pretty professional for a person with a small camera!
Akahitoken was new, so it's pretty obvious he was very nervous throughout the shoot. But it's obvious if he took more practices and get himself a flash gun he could be better ! xD LOL ~
I have lots of fun yesterday ! All of them are very very nice to me, so i give all of them one chocolate. =D


btw, do you know Candy Doll found themselves a new model ?!
 It's Dakota Rose !!! Aww.... Tsu-chan and Dakota-chan looks adorable together ! loves them !
Here's the blog post from Tsu-chan's blog about the new candy doll model ! =D

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