Wednesday, 8 May 2013

First photoshoot of 2013

HI ! long time didnt update my blog. i just have my first photoshoot in year 2013.(^_^)
Character name: Yuuki Asuna
Series: Sword Art Online (ALO version)

 This is a solo photoshoot, first time ever that I went to outdoor for a photoshoot. It's quite an experience ~
After the first 15 minutes of the shoot, it started to get cloudy and rain is pouring. That is why there's only a few pictures that can be uploaded after the 3 hours shoot. But it's alright, better than nothing. I have had fun ! ^_^ 
Asuna is one of my favorite character, she is strong, adorable, mother-like, warm, lovable, loyal, a chef and beautiful. What can I say ? I felt in love with her after a few episodes of the series. At first i thought of cosplaying her in her armor version but it's like double the price of her ALO version... T^T so ... yeah ....

SO.. I guess that's it ! xD Hope to do more photoshoots !! TwT hehehehehe ~ (for some reason, my folks wont let me cosplay too much... OTL)


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