Sunday, 12 May 2013

[Review] Holika Holika Heartful Glossy lipstick in Pink Bonbon

(Wearing this lipstick in these pictures)
Hiya! I figured since it's semester break i should be more active in my inactive blog... (=_=")
I am not a huge fan of Korea products but this lipstick caught my eye when i browse through a magazine... and it has been on my wishlist since that day ! I feel like collecting them all !
Brand: Holika Holika
Series: Heartful glossy lipstick
Origin: Made in Korea
Code: PK123 (Pink Bonbon)
Weight: 18g

Packaging: Adorable! the box have a combination of pink and blue strips reminds me of lolipop! (。◕‿◕。)
While the packaging of the lipstick itself looks quite simple. There's still strips~ And the material makes it light weight plus it's small in size so it's pretty travel friendly. 
Design: The design of the lipstick itself attracted a lot of people to buy it ! it's in heart shape ! So CUTE !!! (*^ -^*) Trust me, the heart shaped lipstick would not make it hard for you to apply this lipstick. 
The color looks scary at first #laughs. But this series is not as pigmented as Heartful Moisture lipstick series, so the color looks natural and not very pigmented
(right: sunlight ; left: indoor light)
Here's the prove ! it's not pigmented and looks very light. Recommended for beginners and people who love natural make up. If you want the colour to more visible, simply apply more than one time! (◡‿◡✿)
I wanted the orange one at first, but this one makes me look healthier, cause i look quite pale and white sometimes~ 
 Quality: The quality of the packaging is quite fragile. It's made out of tin-like material so it feels like it's going to break whenever you drop it on the floor. @_@
(Above: sunlight ; below: indoor light)
I seriously have no complaint for the quality of this product -besides the packaging that is....
It's not dehydrating, and it's the only lipstick i dared to apply without any lipcare products. #truestory
It lasts on my lips for quite a long time ! I wore this during my photoshoot for Yuuki Asuna. There was a whole lot of rain, sun, drinking and eating but it's still there ! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ It lasts incredibly long ! #loves
Price: Average for me. Usually, i would say this price range is expensive for me. I brought it without any promotion and from a retail store. BUT it is totally worth it ! So i have to say it's okay to use the normal retail price to buy this baby. I love it with all my heart !

So hope my review helps !


  1. It's SO cute. I would totally buy it too since its shaped like a heart! Thanks for the review :)

    1. I have the same thought ! <3 and welcome sweetie!

  2. ah we have the same product ;) love it too

  3. Loving the colour of the lipstick!
    You have a great blog, would you like to follow each other on GFC?
    Let me know on my blog! :)


    1. aww... thanks for the compliment sweetie <3 your blog looks adorable as well !