Friday, 28 June 2013

Dolly Wink Pencil Eye Color [Review]

Hiya! I am very happy to know that I was one of the winner of Cite Beauty Awards Contest held by Dolly Wink! YEAH !!! It's my fave brand!!!
They even gave me a notebook and a Dollywink brochure with Tsu-chan's faces on it! kawaii ne ~~
Brand: Koji Dolly Wink
Origin: Made in Japan
Code: Pencil Eye Color
Weight: 22g 
Packaging: Let's start from the cap. It is very otona. The design is better than the older version of Dollywink's caps. There are daisy flowers on it!
Notice the daisies by the side of the cap and the purple printed daisies on the pencil? Very otona~ and less gyaru.
Design: The design of this pencil is not white. It's golden beige shimmery
Here is a demo picture. I applied it on the inner corner of the eye. Do you see the obvious golden simmers on the right side of my eye? As it is not silver so it's not sharp, it makes you look warmer and sweeter~ Looks good when you smile too! 
Quality: It works just like how Dolly Wink described it on their letter. It's waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting! It is very pigmented as well! A little of it is enough to create the big eye effect! 

Price: I think it's selling for RM50++ in Sasa, for me it's quite expensive. haha! But i won it from a contest~~ so.. yeah xD
FYI, I wore it during my Dean's list ceremony! I walked on the stage using only Dolly Wink's products on my eyes~ (except for the mascara... i didnt have their mascara TwT)  
Here is how I look like during the ceremony~ 
I tried No.10 (Sweet Cat) in this picture! 

So i guess that's it!!

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