Monday, 1 December 2014

Elianto classic mini brush set review

Hey y'all! I know I reviewed their Kabuki brush recently but I can't help but to review their brush set too! 

Brand: Elianto
Quantity of brushes: 5
Manufacture country: Korea


Hmm... the outlook is plain. The appearance doesn't attract me at all... but the quality of this pouch is good.
This is how it looks like after being opened. If you are wondering, yes, that is not their original sponge. I brought this last year, the sponge is fragile (or maybe I am too strong) so I threw it long time ago. *laughs*
 There is the transparent place where you can place sponges, cotton square pads, cotton buds and etc.
Here is the plastic divider to make sure cosmetic remaining on the brush wouldn't dirty the entire pouch. 
Honestly speaking, this pouch was wonderfully design (not the boring appearance though), it is convenient and I bring it with me during travels or whenever I needed a touch up.


This brush is palm sized. Appearance wise, all brushes look as boring as the pouch. Function wise, it can be used as a blusher and a highlighting brush.
It's flat, so if you turn this way you can use it as a highlighter brush. 
 Turn this way, a blusher brush! Voila!
It feels like bristle rather than fibre... It's coarse... 
 Demonstration time! I dapped twice on the blush.
It pick up the minimum amount of powder... ~(=w=~) I have to reapply a few times before this brush can give me that flush look.
This is a lip brush, I never like using brushes to apply lip products so it's brand new *giggles*. 
Anyhow, I can still take a picture of it just to show y'all. (Sorry it's out of focus LOL)
 Eyeshadow sponge applicator! The tip is precise (cause it's pointy), so it can reach inner corner of my eyes. I have washed this for more than 3 times and it still works like a charm!
One dap on the eyeshadow and it can pick up appropriate amount of powder to apply on my eye lids.
Here is one of my favorite eyeshadow brush! It's small, precise and very very easy to use. I simply love it! Because it's flat, I sometimes use it to shade my nose too~ Work like a charm *throw flower petals* 
It doesn't stab my skin like how their blusher brush's bristle do. It's soft and pick up an appropriate amount of eyeshadow in just one dap! 
This is a mini angle brush. Mostly used for eyebrows (or sometimes eyeliner, eyeshadow. Depends on your likings). I have collected around 7-8 similar brushes (I have this habit... don't know why LOL) and this one have the thickest fibre. 
What do I mean? Well, let me do a demonstration then~ 
See that brown spot on my hand? Well, it's one dap of the brush on my skin. It creates this thick spot, making it hard to manipulate my brow shape. I like thinner sort of angle brush, for me this is too hard to control. I only use this to apply my under eyes (or most of the time I don't even use it)

Well, those are just my preferences. Besides, their price is very reasonable (as usual for Elianto)! I brought it when they have half price sales and got it for around RM15+ (I have forgotten the price *laughs*). Nowadays, I can't find a brush set with this quality for this price. 

I guess that's it! 
My friends said my earrings looks like their keychain... (=_=")
Hope my review helps!

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