Monday, 19 January 2015

Fake DollyWink eyebrow mascara

I brought this online and the pictures they posted are authentic but after they sent it to me only I realized it's fake. 
How to differentiate? Well, it's quite easy *laughs*.
They copied it quite well but Malaysia imported DollyWink products usually have Golden Corner sdn bhd's sticker on top and a seal to protect the product so that no one can open it except for the consumer.
Next, they did not have "Maixuer" on the package print also, the girl is obviously not Tsubasa Masuwaka. 
The bottle only have "Dollywink" and not more than that but there is another logo underneath this.
Furthermore, the brush is longer than the original (the length of the brush not the handle).

Upon opening, it have scent. Real Dollywink eyebrow mascara have no fragrance.
They even imitated the sticker underneath the bottle. True, Dollywink does have a colour named "Maple" but it is not as dark as this colour. Even the darkest shade of their eyebrow mascara is not as dark as this one. 

This fake product creates a lot of crumb and the scent is pretty strong (not to mention disturbing).  
Here's a selfie before I end this post. Hope people would just stop imitating other brands, it creates a lot of trouble for other people. What if your fake products trigger some people with sensitive skin and damaged their health? Also, this is an unethical way of doing business. Bye bye my precious money.

Hope this post help you all to learn how to differentiate between imitations and authentic Dollywink eyebrow mascara.

Sorry I couldn't make a comparison because I didn't buy the real one. I went to Sasa and take a look at the real one before I made this post. 

Hope this helps.


  1. Hidoiyo..Grace-chan!! You should claim back your money for this, I really can't accept it if people faking up this brand of our fave, arigatou for the post anyway that at least I realized that buying online for this brand now might not be as safe as before! btw, atashi wa honto cannot brain this thing up & can't tolerate with it because I love Dolly Wink's product. Should report that website! T.T

    1. (oTwT)o aikss... Even if I wanted to, those people won't refund the money to me... So might as well just leave it... haha... *sobs* I brought it from a random seller via FB so just becareful of FB sellers.
      I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! I love this product so much too TwT it's sad to know people imitating it... lesson learned... next time I shall go sasa buy all DDW products...