Monday, 12 January 2015

Brush ON Block review

There are mainly two reasons why I rarely wear makeup during travels:
1) afraid my contact lens are gotta dry out
2) Reapplying sunblock

Why do I highlight the sunblock part? Well, because it's hard to reapply greasy and creamy sunblock on my face when I have makeup on! 

But then this product came out in the market! *drum rolls*
Brand: Kiss Mineral Makeup
Name: Brush ON Block
Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide- 15%, Zinc Oxide- 12%
SPF: 30 (80 minutes of protection)
Weight: 3.4g
Most special part of this sunblock is that it's in powder form! No more greasy and creamy feeling! *laughs* The mineral powder is suitable any skin type and it's at the bottom of the product. 

It also have a lock. Turn left then it's open, the powder could reach the brush; turn right to lock, the powder wouldn't be wasted when you are not using it. 
This is how it looks like after opening the refill. Yes, it's refillable. So there is no need to repurchase the entire thing. 
The powder is translucent, so it doesn't give a coverage or matte finish. Just natural, it feels like nothing and looks like nothing but it works like a charm!

Also, the powder does not sting my eyes at all!
Now on to the brush! 

There is a mini tube that connect the powder with the brush (I found it hiding inside the brush. Tehee)
Besides, the bottle itself is durable. I dropped it twice and it still functioning! haha!
There is a plastic that keep the brush in place before closing the cap. 
The brush is synthetic fiber so it's very soft on the face! 
Oh! The best thing about this brush is that it can apply the powder on hard-to-reach places! (Eg: ears) 

I brought it at around RM160+ in selected clinics. Anyhow, they sell it at RM170+ via online, the refill cost about RM130+ in their website. 

It is expensive but definitely worth the prize! 

This is one of my favorite product! I love it so much!

I guess that's it for now! Hope it helps!



  1. Waaaa honto desu ka?? that sounds so innovative!! Btw, did u really mean we can buy from "clinics"?? I'm tempted & interested to have it too ^_^

    1. oh yes sweetie ;) only selected clinics though xD mostly aesthetic clinic~