Monday, 9 November 2015

update on UK life post | Superdrug haul

Hey dearies! *brush away spider webs* sorry for the long wait... This blog has been inactive for the past few months because I was rushing for application to continue my further studies in one of my dream country, United Kingdom.
(the main point was actually the swam #LOL)
After a few months of hectic balancing between assessments and my application for visa and lots of other stuff,, finally I have settled down in UK!
At first I wanted to try purchasing cosmetics online as they have started their Christmas gift set sales so I have decided to buy something to reward myself for all the hard work. Michelle Phan's make up line seems like a good idea as UK is definitely nearer to USA as compared to Malaysia. Sadly, her EM products are waaaaay out of my budget so I switched my attention towards their local products instead. Nevertheless, I have found numerous amount of interesting drug stores here and came across some affordable yet high quality products.
(Enjoying their famous fish and chips)
Superdrug was having a good deal online as they are having a promotion for all their cosmetics! 3 products for the price of two! For a "cheapskate" consumer like myself, it's an unavoidable trap! #LOL

This is my first time purchasing products from an official online store so I was quite excited. My friend's parcel came in 5 days and her cosmetics didn't even have a single scratch on them. After this "guinea pig" test from my friend I have decided to buy from their store.
Here is the beautiful box that came approximately 5-6 days after payment. I have bought a brush set from Ecotools, a colourful eyeshadow palette, a bronzer, an eyebrow kit and a bath fizzer. They are all in good shape upon arrival because they were wrapped with bubble wrappers and stuff so it's quite safe.
I needed eye crease brushes so I bought this cute looking brush set! Ecotools are well-known for their quality and they are famous in Malaysia I thought  I could try one of them!
Next is revolution's eyebrow kit. I never had an eyebrow kit so I have decided to buy one! Kate's eyebrow kit is popular among Asians unfortunately it's too expensive... Revolution's kit was included in the promotion and the original price is only £2.50.
Furthermore, I bought MUA poptastic eyeshadow palette and bronzer. I know I already have a colourful  eyeshadow palette but it's back in Malaysia... and I really cannot live without a colourful eyeshadow palette #dramatic#LOL
Besides, I had a bronzer palette but I gave it to my friend before I come to UK so I needed a new one. MUA sunkiss bronzer looks adorable! Especially with the mosaic design. I have done a brief research about their eyeshadow and bronzer before I made the purchase. Hopefully they are nice to use since the eyeshadow costs only £4 and bronzer is £2.50. *throws confetti for affordable products*
Lastly, I have bought a bath fizzer from Flutter as I never try them and it looks like a lot of fun! Lush's bath bombs are too expensive so I bought this instead.
Well, here is my first haul after my arrival to UK. Hopefully I can maintain my blog this year cause I am officially starting my final year. *finger crossed*


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