Tuesday, 25 June 2013

[Review] Beautifully Disney lipgloss in Mysterious Mermaid

Hi ! I've just come back from Hong Kong ! It was fun ! I get to go to Disneyland and brought some souvenirs back and most of them are cosmetics... =_=". I can't even resist not buying anything after i reached Disneyland! Since I have been watching their shows since forever! #truestory

I brought this baby in Disneyland hotel! I brought Ariel's because she is my favourite Disney princess of all! (^_^V)
Brand: Beautifully Disney
Origin: Made in USA
Code: Mysterious Mermaid
Weight: 2.3gram/ 08 fl oz 
Ingredients are shown on the back of the packaging on the picture above! 
Packaging: The box is very elegant, with black/greyish base and covered with royal-like patterns. Make it looks so luxury! I did not want to open it at first, cause the box was meant to keep the lipgloss inside forever... #LOL cause the lipgloss itself was so beautiful... make me feel kinda guilty for using it.. it was kinda meant for display more than being used... D: 
THIS is how it looks like after opening the packaging! It disappoints me to know that the illustration of Ariel was not printed on the bottle, but it's only a sticker pasted on the bottle... =( 
The top of the bottle have a shell on it (and yes, it was not printed, it's just sticker... (=3=))
The bottom of the bottle.
Design:  Sorry i forgot the swatches .... D:
Here is how it looks on my lips. The lipgloss have slight simmer that makes your lips looks plum-ish and juicy. The colour design is very suitable for mature looking make up ~ Looks natural!! I did not have orange tone lipgloss and it's my first time trying one. I am totally in love with this colour!

Quality: The quality of the bottle is better than other lipglosses bottles. But the stopper is not very functioning well, if you look closely, there is some lipgloss on the wand of the lipgloss.
This lipgloss comes with a sponge applicator, So it's hygiene and easy to apply it~ (not in a moving car though #giggles).
The lipgloss is just like other lipglosses, need to apply lip care before applying it (duh!). 
But i must say, it is not as dehydrating as i expect it would be! xD

Price: HK$98 is quite expensive, but it is genuine from Disneyland so i guess it's okay. It's not like you can go Disneyland everyday now is it ? xD

SO that's it for the review ! Now Lets start with my babbling! xD haha !
This was my costest for Sasha from Attack on Titan~ My friends say i look like her O_o so i might cosplay her someday ! When i think about the props i need to make i pass out... =_=" #yetanothertruestory

I guess that's it for today !

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