Monday, 23 November 2015

[Review] My beauty Diary CC cream

Name: CC cream
Brand: My Beauty Diary
nett weight: 30g
Origin: made in Taiwan
I have got this CC cream as a gift. I received it when it first launches but I forgot to give it a review. Surprisingly I found it in my make up bag LOL cause I left most of my cosmetics at Malaysia so I thought I didn't bring it as I hardly uses CC cream. 

This CC cream design is squeezy tube shaped and the design is hygiene from my point of view. In the first few usage, it's easy to control the amount you squeeze out. Sadly, after quarter of the bottle was used it's harder to control the amount you squeeze out. 

The cream is white colour with little rosy colour dots inside the cream. After smudging the cream you could see the little rosy colour dot "exploded" and it would give you a rosy finish at the end. 

Not sure if you can see the sponge was stained with pinkish colour from the CC cream.

Before applying with sponge. 

After applying. Honestly, I can see minimal difference as it does not cover any flaws. It simply gives you a glowy skin effect. 

If I use it in Malaysia, with that amount of humidity it gives you an oily look. Not dewy but oily look by the end of the day. Unless if you dap the oil off during mid-day. 

If I use this in England, it gives me a glowy but not dewy look. Just makes me look rosier and healthier. Unfortunately, it's not hydrating enough for the current winter weather. (maybe my skin is too dry?)

(Please ignore my only-cc-cream-no-make-up-face)

From my opinion, it's good for people with dull-looking, green, yellowish skin. It will definitely make you look healthier but like me, I have patches of redness on my face so I can't use this during hot weather (in Malaysia)

Okay, so i guess that's it! Sorry folks, i didn't have time to edit the pictures so they are taken like this. There are no edits or photoshop or what-so-ever. That is why I don't like to give review on base make up cause I would need to show my real face with zero filter... #sad

anyhow, hope you find this useful! Cheers!

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