Saturday, 10 November 2012


(─‿‿─) Ello !!! I feel like making a blog post today, it's a special day ! 10/11/12 (●´ω`●)
buuuut, nothing special really happens today.
I am really excited about Monday's photoshoot !!! I am collaborating with a new cosplayer near my neighbourhood. So I test my make up and also try my old costumes for fun
Ayuzawa Misaki cosplay !!! ≧◡≦
My Misaki isnt really good cause i didnt wear my lens and under falsie. I can't wait to try my first pair of Dollywink falsie (no.5) during Monday's photoshoot. It's going to be so much fun ! (but i am not photoshooting my Misaki though, i was just fooling around with my costume).
p/s: I was wearing Eyemazing in MizuKitty's (a popteen model) sweet ribbon series no.301. (will post a review after Monday, stay tuned !) 

Did i mention how much i wanted to be a blondie ? (°⌣°)
BUUUT, i am not daring enough to dye my hair into blond, so i photoshoped my wig's color into blond and try to picture myself in blond (▰˘◡˘▰)
I took this picture during my visit to Taylor's Asaban.
Most of my friends love to see me in brown. They prefer natural color compared to crazy hair colors (cause none of my real life friends are anime fans/cosplayers, yet). 

On the other hand, i feel kinda sad for not attending AFASG. ●︿● Wish i could go there next year, it seems so cool ! I think even Hikari Shiina is going =D. Oh well (~=w=)~ 

Grace ish peacing out \(^ω^\)

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