Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Candy Doll lipgloss in strawberry milk [quick review]

Pyon ~ ◕‿◕ I know i have been posting a lot of reviews lately, but i can't help it. After these few weeks i won't have time for blogging, there's finals in December.

Brand: Candy Doll
Produced by: Tsubasa Masuwaka
Volume: 6.8g
Origin: Made in Japan
Additional info: moisturize and 2-in-1 (lipgloss and lip concealer)

[note: all the pictures taken are not edited , but most of them have flashes on during picture taking]
No picture of the packaging cause i threw it .... (✖╭╮✖) Gomenasai !!! (translation: Sorry)
RM58 in Sasa but i brought this online for RM50. Pricy. 
Strips design for most candy doll's product. Looks alright. 
The bottle of the lip gloss is approximately 9.7cm long. While the bottle that contain lip gloss is about 5.7cm long, i reckon the applicator is about bottle-length. I try to apply this in the car, and it's quite hard to control in a shaking car [lol]. (─‿‿─) 
It's kind of a milky color. So it's best to apply this when you have your eye make up done or apply it over a pink lipstick, if not you will look pale. Unless you apply only a thin layer of this gloss to make your lips look hydrated, then you can use this color when you are not having the intention of putting on eye make up. (`・ω・´)
Quick babbling:
[note: flash was on, so the color might be different on your lips]
I applied this on my bare lips and this is how it looks like.
In pictures it looks great ! I love how the lipgloss looked on my lips.
In real life, my lips are thicken and it looks un-naturally juicy (i didnt have make up on). 
When i have make up on, i looked normal wearing this gloss ~(=w=~)

I wore this from 10a.m. to 1p.m. After a few hours of wearing it.... (pic above)
After a few hours of wearing it, there's some white substance appeared in the inner side of my lips. This happens everytime. ٩(●̮̮̃_•̃)۶

That's all ! Hope it helps ~
p/s: anyone know any good concealers for under eye circles ??

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