Sunday, 11 November 2012

Eyemazing Mizukitty Sweet Ribbon Series No.301 [review]

(〃^∇^)ノ Hiya ! I just came back home from my second photoshoot ! As promised, now i will give a review on Eyemazing Mizukitty's Sweet ribbon series No.301 false lash. (My first ever upper falsie that cost me more than RM5)
Front packaging
Brand: Eyemazing
Produced by: Mizukitty (Popteen model)
Name of series: Sweet Ribbon [no.301]
Origin: Made in China

Back packaging
About RM40 for 3 pairs, glue is not included. Still pricy for me. (• ε •) [budget buyer here]
The outlook and quality of the plastic cover is average. The paper inside the plastic have lower quality but it is eco-friendly. After i opened it, the lashes are in 3 separated plastic trays. Those trays did not have cover, so when i finished using them i have to store them back into their trays and put them into the packaging. Not so convenient.
This false lash is my favorite design !!! (°∀°) It's the classic crisscross + thicker parts in the front with volumized end. I LOVE IT ! It's so adorable !  It's like Mizukitty can read my mind and make her lashes into my dream lashes designs !!! ≧◡≦
After using it twice (pic above)
The quality of this lash really disappoints me. (◕︵◕) It's superb fragile !!! Here's some prove,
The feathers falls out easily even before you use it.
After i used it twice, I have intention of cleaning it for a third use. But then .... it's broken ! ●﹏● I was only trying to remove the glue from it's band and that happens .... 

Looks on my eyes:
Front view
I have trouble bending the lashes into my eyes' shape. It's really hard to bend and if you use too much force to bend it into your eyes' shape it'll broke. ⊙﹏⊙
Side view 
Like i said, i adore this design ! Volumized at the end which makes me look so gyaru  ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌

Eyes closed view
I like how matte the lashes looked ❤. Some lashes will reflect light, when flash photography is involved, your lashes will look ultra fake ! 

That's all of it ! My review on the first branded upper false lash i owned! ❤


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