Monday, 22 December 2014

Garnier BB Eye Roll-on review

Brand: Garnier
Name: BB eye roll-on
Volume: 15ml

I have been trying to find this for quite awhile cause I saw some models and singers using it and it seems so nice since it does not only work as a concealer but also a eye care product!

Then I found it at Guardian~  #shiawase
Only one shade is available.
It stated that constant usage can reduce my dark eye circle.
To be honest, I am not so sure about this since I did not use this daily.
It contains lemon essence, mineral pigments and caffeine that works well with reducing dark eye circle.
The packaging is average, nothing special. Anyhow, the design of the bottle is very nice to hold.  
This is the roller, I know it's a mess but the bb cream keep dripping out. I have to store it upwards to ensure it does not make too much mess. 
The texture of the cream is very thin, it's easy to glide under the eyes. Unfortunately, the roller always give me way too much cream. 
(Sorry about my "naked" face *laughs*)
The cream itself felt more like essence, very thin and nice to use. The nude pigment is sheer so it basically matches most of the skin colour. 

If you are finding for a coverage concealer then this is definitely not the one for you. This is more of a skin care and it's suitable for those who loves a natural finish. 
Full make up! *laughs* I brought it with RM20++ in Guardian. It is a normal price for a concealer so I think it's okay.

I guess that is for it for Garnier's BB eye roller.

OH! Let me show you the false lash I am using in that picture!
It's Daiso's natural false lashes with black and brown mix!
So natural and so long!!! I love it so much haha!

Okay okay, last picture! *giggles*
Hope it helps!


  1. Nice post desu! I actually think the same too abt this concealer is more to just maintain the skin around the eyes, it is good to be used if we have a less-seen dark circle under the eyes, for a full coverage I think other brands is much more better desu..BTW, looking forward to see u again on this weekend at CF event ^3^

    1. Thanks sweetie! <3 Ikr? :3 *high five*

      Me too!!! Can't wait to take selfie with you in CF! haha!! Are you going harajuku again?