Monday, 29 December 2014

My Christmas haul

Hi y'all! There is always those crazy year end sales tempting me buy so much! 
I brought Biore foam cleanser which works as both daily cleanser and makeup remover. This is my 2nd purchase. What kept my loyalty is that it works absolutely amazing when it comes to removing base makeup but it does not remove mascara at all (including eyebrow mascara). Best part of it is the convenience it gave me! 
I brought it at RM11+ after promotion in Guardian.
Koji's false lash glue in clear. I got my first one during last year's Dolly Wink's makeup workshop.
Why I repurchase it simply because it's clear (I need not to reapply eyeliner after putting on false lashes). It can be removed easily by using lots of water. Also, it won't ruin my precious false lashes!
 That small size makes it travel friendly but it's harder for touch-ups because it's not those bottles packaging. Furthermore, it's cheap. I brought it for RM9.8 after promotion in Sasa. NP is RM10+.
Almost the entire set of skin care! This is the craziest I have encountered this year! Guardian gave this entire range a 70% off discount until 4th of January 2015!

I needed a hydrating serum and a new toner. At first I only brought those two but thinking over, you can't meet an awesome promotion everyday.*giggles*
I have been using Nano white skin care for a long period of time but not this range. I love how their moisturizer can be absorb to the skin abruptly with the Nano technology. This is important for me since I hated greasy feeling cause I am staying in a sunny country with humid weather. 

I shall give a tedious review on their skin care range. haha! Thank you for the year end sales!

HoHoHo! Merry Christmas peeps!

Hope y'all enjoy those sales as much as I do! :D


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