Tuesday, 9 December 2014

U.Mi workshop

I went to Unique Mineral Make Up (U.Mi) workshop. It was very informative! Priscilla (the instructor) taught us so many new knowledge about make up! The information seriously leave me in awe... (mostly shock)
(That kawaii dog behind me is Giselle)
Why? Well, I will tell you girls about it in my next post. For now, I wanna focus on their make up! 
This display set looks modern. (I like the led thingy *giggles*) We get to try their 100% mineral make up, it is safe for all skin to use (even the most sensitive skin). 
Their mineral loose powder comes in 4 different shades. The most popular is no.03, warmer undertone that suits most Asian skin colour. 
Their powder is my favorite product in this brand. It won't oxidize and darken my face by the end of the day and it gave me a natural finish! If I uses them, no one even knows I wear powder. (no kidding #truestory). 
(this picture contain no filter and no edits: after powder application)
At first try, it can't give me the coverage I want as I am still new to applying foundation and concealing with just one loose powder and 2 brushes (one powder brush and one concealing brush).
and then Priscilla demonstrated to me. There is only 3 steps required:
1) pour
(pour the little amount of powder on the lid)
2) Swirl
(swirl the powder evenly on the brush)
(blend the mineral powder on my face by doing circle)

Actually if I practiced more, these steps would be a piece of cake! *laughs*
Cause applying other sort of foundations took me quite a while to learn as well.
The one in the middle is their adorable (premium looking) brush! I LOVE GOLD COLOUR SO MUCH! This is definitely my type of brush! 
This brush felt so silky smooth. Not coarse like animal fur! I love it! It hold the powder well too! I used this brush to apply my base make up. 
Now, eyeshadows!!! There are 5 shades, pink, blue, purple, white and brown. My favorite was the pinkish-pearlish colour! All their eyeshadows are shimmery, which makes it easy for everyone to use. (I am bad at using matte eyeshadow #yetanothertruestory) 
(Special thanks to Chency for her hand: her blog link)
You can use several ways to apply these mineral eyeshadows.
1) dry 
(normal way of applying eyeshadow)
2) wet 
(mix it with some water for the colour to be more pigmented)
3) Lips
(mix them with Vaseline and put it on the lips, they are safe so it's okay to do so)
4) nails
(dap some eyeshadow on the transparent nail polish and you can use them as nails colour)

Cool huh?
These are their mascara and gel eyeliner. I like how their gel liner glide easily on my eye lids. It smudges a little on the bottom of my eyes after 1 or 2 hours cause I have watery eyes when I wear contact lens.
These are their lead-free lipsticks that does not last long.
Things that last long contain high amount of chemicals.Their lipsticks are very gentle because even if you have the driest and most chapped lips on this planet you can still use these chemical-free lipsticks, aren't like conventional lipsticks, they won't do any harm. 
(special thanks to Kelly for the swatches demo: her blog link)
These are the swatches. The tone of these lipsticks will change depending on individuals' body temperature, so these shades might not look the same on you.
On the left is shimmer (highlight) powder and on the right is the blusher. They only have one shade for their blush. As I mentioned before about their lipsticks, the tone differs due to the differences of individuals' body temperature. So one blush might create different results on different person's cheeks. 

SO I guess that is! I will do another post about what information I have learned from the workshop. 
You can drop by their Facebook page here. Their website is still under construction.

Hope this helps!

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